Is King Nom in trouble?

King Nom, the undefeated and undisputed dollar dog king, doing what he does

King Nom is a dear friend and a made member of the 108 crew. He rose to prominence aka made his bones by absolutely crushing a $1 hot dog competition that I ran for White Sox twitter back in the lord’s year of 2019. He ate a total of 149.5 $1 hot dogs across the 13 days the White Sox held the promotion that season. You can read the blog with the final results HERE.

The competition got so BIG that when we did a podcast (not to brag) near the end of the 2019 season with SVP of all things money making around the White Sox, Brooks Boyer, he asked us to update him LIVE with the top 5 on the leaderboard. That was all basically thanks to King Nom as he became a superstar in that contest with people wanting to see what his totals each game and for the season were going to be.

King Nom being “made” normally this is a private ceremony, but we did this one in public

But the King don’t stay the King by resting on his laurels and so during the pandemic year of 2020 he went ahead and challenged hisself by smashing 108 hot dogs in a single week. A feat that even his competitors in the #dollardog competition were in aww of (read the entire blog with all of the tweets here).

However, with 2021 being a weird season where we were sorta, kinda, sorta were coming out of a pandemic and had varying levels of safety protocols being implemented in the ballpark. Combined with the loss of revenue from the prior season having no fans AND the White Sox having a bad ass team……no $1 Hot Dog promotions were run. This made me sad on a personal level, but as someone that loves watching greatness, I felt robbed of the virtuoso performance that may have been King Nom’s 2021 #DollarDog campaign.

Due to al of that, the King was pretty quiet on the hot dog front in 2021. Still the undefeated and undisputed champ…..or is he?

A New Hot Dog Champ???

Screenshot from Block Chicago (of which I am an original and continuing financial supporter)

WTF!?!?!?! Someone is out here in these Chicago streets, holding a giant trophy and being crowned for hot dog dominance and it’s not King Nom!?!?!?!? That’s right, it’s Stephanie Esposito who lives on the Southwest side and she got this crown by eating Vienna Beef hot dogs at 367 different hot dog stands!! Incredible. This feat took Stephanie all of 5 weeks to complete. You can read the entire Block Chicago article HERE.

Was the King unaware of this competition, or was he scared stiff by the competition? Maybe he thought it was unwinnable, or maybe he’s going to see this very public defeat and take it as disrespect, coming back in an even more ferocious manner. I’m not sure. All I know is that the White Sox Twitterverse is at its best when King Nom is shoving encased meats, high in sodium, down his esophagus.

Maybe 2022 will be the resurrection of a great champ, but for now, it looks like someone else might have claim to the throne….


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