Section 108 $1 Hot Dog Leaderboard – FINAL


FINAL Dollar Dog

As we close out the 2019 White Sox season, we must also crown the KING for the #dollardog leaderboard, the person who’s every encased meat nitrate bomb we were following on twitter with baited breathe…..Matt Nom-Nom-Nommensen. You were Secretariat at the Belmont, you were UConn women’s basketball, you were Serena Williams and you were the Beatles all rolled into one!


I want to personally thank Matt and his wife Amy for not only embracing such a bizarre competition (also with seemingly no prize other than moderate twitter fame and the designation of being a bit of a slob) but doing so with the hilarity intended. This #dollardog competition doesn’t really take off like it did without you two providing the banter, the soundtrack if you will, to the summer of $1 hot dog consumption.


There is absolutely NO WAY that when we are lining up our interview with Brooks Boyer, that he asks us, CAN WE GET LIVE UPDATES of the dollar dog competition??? (Not to brag) Without everything that you two did to make the competition come to live on the the twitters. I am forever grateful for your spirit and your #108ing humor. We look very forward to you two becoming our neighbors in 108 next season.


The Silver Medalist, our guy NWI Steve is really one of the co-conspirators of this idea. When I was marinading on this idea, he was the guy that said, he’d definitely eat 100 hot dogs during the season (a number, by the way, which I thought was totally insane at the time….yea, I’m not smart) and we even made a bet (with no stakes) at the SoxFest After Party 2019 (hosted by BWR) that Jose Abreu would have more RBI than hot dogs eaten by Steve.


Fortunately, I lost that bet, because there hasn’t been more drama for me than following the ebbs and flows of that particular prop bet and chiding you along the way. I also enjoy the updates from your girl friend Christine on the odd smells that exfoliate from you on the days after a #dollardog Wednesday.


The Bronze Medalist, is a long-time guy, season ticket holder Bill Demantes Jr. Now when Bill started going down this path, I was really rooting for him because while the first two guys were basically flexing a special skill they have, Bill is just a regular dude who is a season ticket holder like us, has hung out with the 108ers in the past (including in Detroit for a series) and is just a really nice unassuming guy.

Bill and his lovely daughter

As he started to push this I was excited and coming into the last Wednesday, I knew he had 100 locked in and a bid in the #108Tourney (yes, BREAKING NEWS!!!!! the 3 100 #dollardog eaters are IN the #108Tourney). What I didn’t expect was for him to put the cherry on top of this proverbial sundae and nail EXACTLY 108 #dollardog.

The 100 #dollardog club!

Other mentionables….


Finally got to meet the big homey Sumer of George on the LAST dollar dog Wednesday, we actually had the top 7 in the contest down in 108 for the final night, which was pretty special. He’s a hilarious guy who’s videos throughout the competition made the shit all the more real as you could watch on twitter as he transformed hisself from a strong confident young man about to crush some #dollardog to a broken, nearly drooling on hisself man as the #dollardog took over his body like the Ebola virus.


Steve-O!!! If there is an underdog story amongst this competition, it’s this guy. I don’t know how much you weigh fam? 135 lbs? You getting above the 50 #dollardog threshhold was fucking amazing!! ALSO, when I put the original tweets / posts out about this competition, as a goof, I said you can use either #dollardog or #dollardong. EVERYONE used #dollardog, except my guy Steve-O, he hung in there using #dollardong and I loved every second of it. Great job!! Both of yous (Steve-O & Sumer of George will get strong consideration for the #108Tourney on the strength of your performance).




MySoxSummer…..5th in the competition, the big homey made that fancy graphic above…….he went to the ballpark during a #dollardog Wednesday to grab ~30 dogs and run to Chorizy’s for the podcast so we can eat them on show. He arranged the Brooks Boyer interview so that many of you that might not know about the #dollardog challenge would hear about it on that podcast. THE FACE OF THE 108 ($1 Brian Bilek)……thanks for being my partner in crime on getting this thing off the ground.

Another season in the books, we look super forward to running this competition again, and hopefully SoxNerd will accept our advances and put the damn graphic on the scoreboard, THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT!!!



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