SoxFest After-Party Bold Predictions

If you couldn’t make it to the after-party or if you were there and just couldn’t hear these as we made ’em, here’s our bold predictions for 2019:

After starting a partnership with the Milk Council, Nick Madrigal will grow a few inches this season.

Just to shut Javi Baez the fuck up, Tim Anderson will have a career year at SS and for good measure Yoan Moncada will slay at 2nd Base.

Jace Fry will NOT be attacked on IG by his new girlfriend that he might or might not have given an STD to. Can confirm he was with a girl last night at Sox Prom. Everyone looked to what player it was, saw it was Fry, we all himmed and hawed.

Although we will tweet about it 1900 times, BeefLoaf and I will still NOT learn the kid and play dance in 2019.

Lucas Giolito will overcome having Jordan Lazowski as his biggest fan and become the first White Sox pitcher since 2016 to pitch a complete game shutout.

Eloy Jimenez WILL NOT receive the most AL ROY votes on the White Sox in 2019, that honor will go to Luis Basabe as he rakes in the minors through mid-June and is called up to take over CF duties from Adam Engel, Basabe finishes with double digit HR’s and SB’s and surprises the entire American League.

Tim Anderson, after being called out by White Sox twitter and consulted by ex-teammate Tyler Saladino, channels his inner Billy Dee Williams and sprouts the most beautiful push broom mustachio you have ever seen to win the 2019 White Sox mustache title.

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Daniel Palka will leave spring training to join the Chicago mayoral race and WIN on his campaign promise to always be #108ing.

Yoan Moncada will not play 3b, he will not play CF, he will not pass go and collect $200, but he will however make good on his prospect status and post a 25 HR / 25 SB season.

Eloy Jimenez and Daniel Palka will combine for 69 home runs. Nice.

Jason Benetti will come to my home to record a FromThe108 Podcast with us. Possibly against his will.

My PED brother, Welington Castillo, will find a new connection and rack up 25 HR, 100 RBI, and 0 suspensions.

Ricky Renteria and Don Cooper will be suspended indefinitely after beating the shit out of Joe West.

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