NBA 75th Anniversary Team is OUT, let me tell you where they fucked up

If you are a long-time reader of the 108 blog, you know that my first love is basketball. That’s what I played and excelled at as a youth. It’s still my favorite game to play. I’d be happy to go to a park right now and join a pick up game and just run up and down the floor grabbing boards with an occasional put back. Basketball is a beautiful game.

I haven’t been much up on the NBA lately. It’s a combination of things. WORK. FAMILY. My love of the White Sox AND……the Bulls being pretty crappy. That last factor is changing some, so you might see me start drifting back into watching more NBA. I still love basketball. Probably always will.

Regardless, the NBA put out their 75th Anniversary Team yesterday. It’s a good list. But it’s incomplete in my estimation. The list is noted below. I’ll give you 3, really fucking obvious misses. These are so bad, I want to go get a peach basket and exhume Dr. Naismith’s body in protest.

Adrian Dantley

Picture from, taken by Andrew D. Bernstein from NBAE/Getty Images

The first name I thought of when I went racing through the list thinking. THEY PROBABLY FUCKED UP AND DIDN’T INCLUDE THIS GUY, was Adrian Dantley. A young BeefLoaf remembers Dantley as a Detroit Piston, kicking the Bulls balls in. He was actually traded for Mark Aguirre before the Pistons won their two titles, but he was a bad ass fucking scorer. If you wander back into the early 1980’s (and at this point, who wouldn’t want to) he was a 30 point per game scoring machine with the Utah Jazz.

6’5″ Post Players ain’t supposed to be able to score like that

It’s wild, I went to the all-time points per game scoring list after seeing Dantley not included in the list and sure enough, he’s the highest scorer not included on the list. FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Bernard King

Couldn’t find who to credit, so hopefully I don’t get my balls sued off for using this picture

King was widely considered a New York City basketball legend, not even in official games. He’s one of these mythical playground legends. He also had an excellent NBA career, including a scoring title and a wild playoff series versus the Pistons in 1984 where he averaged an eye lash short of 43 points per game.

The problem with King is that his knees were made of gummy worms and he’d break down often. Despite all of the injuries, he won a scoring title and even managed to score 28.4 points per game in his age 34 season. What I am saying though is if Bill Walton is on this fucking list, King needs to be here also.

Let’s forget all that though. I remember staying up late one night and watching King get interviewed by Stephen A. Smith on some ill fated talk show that ESPN trotted out. King was outstanding. Just talking basketball, probably one of the most analytical ball players I have ever heard speak. The way he would approach attacking whoever was guarding him was so interesting to listen to.

Dwight Howard

Read you my resume, you know already, cool

I ain’t even need to get into this shit, the Twitter machine is buzzin’ like a mufucka on this one and I couldn’t agree more.


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