What Are You Drinking? Milwaukee Edition

The White Sox (and their fans) travelled 90 miles north to Milwaukee to take on the Brewers last weekend. There was an endless amount of #108ing done all weekend by all parties involved. I was fortunate to attend the game on Friday and spent plenty of time imbibing several beers from the Brew City.

Despite only being able to make a brief visit north, I still took full advantage of the vast array of beers that the great city of Milwaukee has to offer.  I made the rounds to multiple establishments as well as the park formerly known as Miller and built my own six pack of Milwaukee’s finest beers. And away we go:

Good City Brewing: Spare Time DDH Hazy IPA (5.4% ABV)

This was the perfect beer to start off the road trip.  Upon my arrival at my cousin’s house he handed me a Spare Time. We indeed did have some spare time before venturing out to other locations in the city.  Spare Time is loaded with all sorts of juicy flavors.  Additionally, with just a 5.4% ABV, it is a very crushable beer on a hot summer day.  The artwork on the can is an easy 70 grade with a viewpoint of a person kayaking on the Milwaukee River admiring this amazing city’s skyline. I can picture myself in this exact scenario.   

Gathering Place Brewing Company: White Rooster Pale Ale (4.7% ABV)

Now for something completely different! I next ventured over to Draft & Vessel, a tap room with a wide variety of beers on tap in Shorewood.  Looking for something new, I discovered White Rooster.  What makes this pale ale unique is that it is brewed with tea!  Yes, tea!  I love the uniqueness of this as I have never come across a beer with tea brewed in it.  I have sampled many beers with various foods or liquids brewed in them, this however was a new adventure!  I was able to immediately notice the white tea flavors.  Additionally there are notes of delicious citrus following the notes of tea.  If you like tea and you like beer, this is the perfect beer for you!  Even if you don’t like tea but still like beer, I highly recommend giving White Rooster a try.  White Rooster is another very good beer early in the day considering it’s 4.7% ABV.       

Lakefront Brewing: Lakefront IPA (6.7% ABV)  

One simply can not make a trip to an incredible city like Milwaukee without having at least one beer from Lakefront Brewing.  Our next stop on the adventure was a visit to the Brat House where I ordered up one of the flagship beers from Lakefront.  Little did I know that when you order a beer at the Brat House they don’t just give you one beer, they bring you TWO! (oh, darn).  Lakefront IPA is loaded with five different hops: Zeus, Cascade, Chinook, Citra, and Centennial.  This was the perfect beer to have two of while downing a Milwaukee Dog off of the brat house menu.  If I lived in Milwaukee, this would easily be a regular beer in my fridge.

Third Space Brewing: Mystery Beer (ABV ?.?%)

While myself, my cousin, King Nom, and Queen Nom waited for the shuttle bus to the ballpark we decided to have another beer….I mean two beers. I asked our server what other Milwaukee beers they have, she brought me two beers from Third Space and said it was a pale ale.  However, I have no name for said beer as it was not listed on their updated draft menu and the server wasn’t too confident in knowing the name.  I rolled with it, downed both of the pints in what appeared to be a lighter, but still very hoppy beer.  A nice, refreshing beer on a scorching day in an outstanding city.  

Hop Haus Brewing: Hashtag Hazy (6% ABV)

Once we entered the ballpark formerly known as Miller, the first stop was to the nearest craft beer stand to check out their selection.  Considering that #108ing is a staple of FromThe108 culture, it was a no brainer to order a beer with “hashtag” in the title.  Hashtag Hazy features Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe hops, three of my personal favorite hops.  Weighing in at 6% ABV and with a fitting title that ties in to the #108ing culture, this would easily be my go to beer at Brewers games.  Regardless of whether the stadium feels like one giant sauna in the summer or not, this beer is a winner.  

Third Space Brewing: Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale (5.3% ABV)

EUREKA!! As I visited the craft beer stand later in the game I opted for another beer from Third Space to try as I have heard great things about this brewery.  PLOT TWIST:  After having a few sips of this beer, I realized that this in fact was the mystery beer!!  The loaded hops and the citrus and fruit flavors were identical.  I also appreciate the Happy Place name whilst having this refreshing beer while watching the White Sox.  (Even if it was a brutal outcome.)  Despite having this beer a second time, I was happy to solve the case of the mystery beer and happily added a second Happy Place to my 6 pack here.  

Even though it was a short visit to a gorgeous city, Milwaukee is a great time and I met some very friendly fans.  The beer is top notch and the ballpark is very underrated.  I look forward to making another trip back to the Brew City for another game soon.  (October, maybe??)  Take the time to check out the city, the beers, and the ballpark as you won’t regret it.  


Brew Hand Luke  

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