Upcoming Events

We have a number of upcoming events where we’ll be enjoying our first place Chicago White Sox and drinking delicious Goose Island Beer. Take a look below and make sure to come out and get a whiff of us in person.

7/24/2021 – Milwaukee Tailgate

If you’re unable to attend, there is also a Scott Podsednik signing that day at Buffalo Wings and Rings

7/27/2021 – Live Podcast at the Office in Crestwood

6PM at The Office 4901 Cal Sag Road, Crestwood, IL

8/10/2021 – Live Podcast at Buffalo Wings and Rings in Bridgeport

6PM at Buffalo Wings and Rings 3434 S. Halsted St, Chicago, IL

9/8/2021 – Live Podcast at Kroll’s in the South Loop

7PM at Kroll’s 1736 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL

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