This Thursday – Cork & Kerry – Road Game Watch Party

If you haven’t been paying attention, or just haven’t been giving us the clicks (which if true, go to hell) we are doing our FIRST LIVE SHOW OF 2021! It’s at Cork & Kerry (the one at 10614 S Western Ave) and you are invited! You don’t have to have a ticket, a reservation isn’t required. Our good friends at Goose Island came to us and said we need you guys to entertain the people! So here we go!

What To Expect?

It’s been awhile since we have done one of these. The last one was at Reggie’s Rock Club and it was AMAZING. People had a great time. Be prepared to drink a bunch, so ride share might be the best option, drinking and driving isn’t cool! They DON’T have food at this Cork, but there is a Buona Beef across the street for your dining needs. Plus if you ask nicely I bet Mailman Jack can give you some neighborhood dining tips.

Now, we were there Saturday and there was a huge bridal shower going down. Parking wasn’t an issue, but make sure you can park there before you leave your car there. No one needs a ticket!

We’ll record a quick podcast (with special guest Josh Nelson from Soxmachine) at 6pm. Then we will settle in to watch the game. While we are watching the game, we’ll give out a ton of prizes donated by Southpaw and Goose Island. We will have limited 108 merch there too!

What Can I Win Though?

Yes, we have some pretty fabulous prizes. What does it take to win one? JUST SHOW UP. We’ll give you a ticket. If that ticket get’s pulled, you win! It’s that simple. Southpaw gave us some really great prizes too……JUST TAKE A LOOK!

Oh you wanna see it closer?

Yes, those are White Sox giveaways. No, they haven’t been released yet. Are we that special? Yes, yes we are. And to make us even more special, we’re giving it to YOU, the fan. Only thing is you need to be present to win. Are these the only prizes? HELL NO. Both the White Sox and Goose Island hooked us up with some pretty awesome stuff. We have 312 hats, autographed balls including this bad boy…..#MVPito.

What else do you need to know? If you have a question tweet it at us! We’ll do our best. We’ll see ya Thursday!

-The 108

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