I saw the future….and it’s cool. Kinda.

Unless you live under a rock, pretty sure you heard the announcement that our beloved White Sox have announced that they are are moving to 60% capacity in the next homestand. We are not sure what the details will be for the season ticket holder, but one great sign is that the first two sections to throw caution into the wind (quite literally) were ours and the rowdy step-brother section 109. Here’s the official words –

First – 24k!

That’s a huge number, but not something we haven’t seen before. As the rebuild was going down, I would say this is basically what our attendance average was. Going forward, even without our star power outfield, I think the team will still draw this pretty easily on the weekends. Weekdays will be the same, IMO, but as we noted in the recent From The 108 podcast, people are thirsty to get out there and mix it up like the old days.

Second – MASKS OFF!

For this most recent homestand Aloha Mr. Hand, King Nom and myself have tickets in 109. Aside from being the 3 biggest guys sitting next to one another in Sox Park, we were also the first folks to be in the fully vaxxed section, masks off, playing in all the germs that only the old ballpark can supply. Pre-game, I’ll admit, I was a little apprehensive. I expressed this to the fully vaxxed backyard party on the Beef Patio….

I mean a year of warnings and in the matter of a few days it’s like, “Naw dog you don’t need that mask no more and someone can sit right on your fucking lap!” It wasn’t jarring, but it for sure was a “JUST JUMP IN THE FUCKING POOL NOW!!!” moment.

Third – How was it?

Overall, it wasn’t much different than it had been pre-COVID. Yes, you still have to wear a mask when you leave your seat, but when you are in that seat you are mask-less and allowed to do what you do! The first time I yelled at folks I saw or the team on the field, I was sorta reserved. But by the end of the game I was LOUD AF, blasting my “micro droplets” all over the fucking place. The folks in front of me didn’t seem to mind, so that was nice.

As I mentioned above, being a bigger guy, the social distancing was both a blessing and a curse. I love having a full house if I am on the aisle and can kick my legs out and get my space. I also miss being right by my 108 fam talking baseball, drinking beer and bestowing our bullshit to everyone around us. So I will sacrifice my space to be back with my bros. It’s what got this whole ball rolling, it’s OUR THING.

Overall, I feel as safe as I ever did and even doubled down with other fully vaxxed folks over at the Turtles drinking buckets and buckets of beer with our bros. Which reminds me of the local favorite Tossers song of the same name…

It was a fun night and easy return to some normalcy. It was fun to talk shop with the boys, and bullshit about the past year. Thanks for the invite fellas and looking forward to the summer and fall. Also seeing this guy at the first night with the masks off made it all worth it. We’re back Sox fans, even if all the material from these shorts didn’t make it….

See y’all soon.


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