This White Sox team needs a Signature series WIN

As I was flying back from my short trip to Austin, Texas to see my in-laws for the first in nearly 18 months, I was basking in the after-glow of the White Sox dominant series sweep of the Kansas City Royals. I was skeptical of the powerhouse that some expected out of this White Sox squad, but after 32 games, I am starting to see what some of those folks were seeing, at least in little glimpses. Then it hit me! All great teams need a signature victory. The type of victory that signifies they have crossed an arbitrary emotional hurdle for the fanbase.

In 1985 I was 7 years old

Picture from Chicago Bears dot com, pictured are 3 goats

The first team I can REALLY remember as a youth, is the 1985 Chicago Bears. When I say “REMEMBER” I mean watch every fucking game. I am pretty sure I can still remember the score and opponent of each game. I feel like other than being pissed at my folks for not letting me stay up late enough to watch the entire Monday Night game in Miami AND Chorizy and I going out to play in the snow during the season finale at Detroit, I watched basically every second of this team live.

Understandably, this is GREAT and a bit of a cross to bear. This being YOUR FIRST (team). It’s like losing your virginity to Anna Nicole Smith (or feel free to insert your favorite comp). You might have hit your peak right out of the gate. I don’t need to bemoan the point of the 1985 Bears, they were fucking great….and LEGENDARY. But, if you ask the old timers about that team’s signature win, it’s pretty clear, or at least it was in our household.


As the legendary Janet Davies said in the television recap of this season “Play It Again Bears“…..”…..then there was Dallas”

Photo from Chicago Bears dot com

November 17, 1985 in Arlington, Texas was a passing of the torch in some ways, at least according to my old man. It wasn’t until the Bears absolutely demolished the Cowboys on the road that my dad felt confident enough to say “This is a Super Bowl Team!!”. You see the Cowboys were the franchise that basically would smack the 70’s and early 80’s Bears down whenever they sort of popped up and had an okay to decent team. That was the franchise standing there saying, NOPE, NOT YET! So when this Bears teams went to Arlington and buried them, at least for my dad, he felt like this was a team that could really do it.

When talking Signature Series WINS for the White Sox, I think a similar criteria may hold. It’s not really a division victory per se. You face those teams a lot and those things kinda ebb and flow. Same with the 1985 Bears, they went through periods of beating and getting beat by those teams in close geographical proximity that by default of league mandated scheduling have become rivals. Nope, you need a team that isn’t in your division for a classic, SIGNATURE WIN! Let’s take a look a few series coming up that could serve as such for our White Sox.

@ Yankees May 21st – May 23rd

The Yankees are the penultimate MLB franchise, forget that they started this year off a little slow (they have come roaring back and are in the race again). Forget that they haven’t won a World Series since 2009. The Yankees are the team that actually did hold back our great White Sox teams of the 1950’s and 1960’s. They are often the measuring bar, not only in the AL, but in the MLB. A series win in the Bronx in a few weeks would be a SIGNATURE of sorts for this ball club.

@ Rays August 20th – August 22nd

Now look, the Rays aren’t a traditional powerhouse. Nor are they some sort of specific deterrent to the White Sox (although 2008 did happen). The Rays are the new world powerhouse. The one that doesn’t spend any money and develops gobs of talent. The one that our fearless GM has made comparisons to his current team against. I think going to Tampa and sweeping would be a litmus test of sorts given how the Rays build a team.

Also, before the season started, I looked at this series and thought (let’s not go to that fucking dungeon and lay an egg). So, yea, let’s not.

@ Athletics September 7th – September 9th

For me, there basically ain’t nothing that can cock block a good White Sox season, like going out to Oakland and getting your goddamn doors blown off by some no-name Athletics team. I bet Billy Beane still relishes that shit. Dragging Kenny Williams, just like they did in the book Moneyball. Nothing frustrates me more. All the platoon advantages. All of the vets playing their best fucking ball ever. All the foul territory and those stupid, empty upper deck seats. Jesus Fuck! It is frustrating to lose to the Athletics in Oakland. A real signature win would be a SWEEP of these fucks in September.

I think this White Sox team is right on the precipice of being a great one. But Imma need one of these signature wins to seal it for me. Tell me yours!


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