Play It Again Bears

As New Year’s Eve has just passed us by, we got to see what is as reliable as the ball drop in NYC.  We once again witnessed Mark Giangreco doing his best Joe Namath impression with Janet Davies acting as Suzy Kolber.  But seeing Janet Davies this year reminded me of something I had not thought about in years.  Probably because most recent years, the Bears’ season was over by 12/31.  But this year it is not and it sparked a memory from the storied 1985 season.  Janet Davies hosted a show on channel 7 called “Play It Again Bears” that was each game of the season to a different music track.  Here’s the clip of their playoff games:

If that doesn’t get you pumped for some Bears playoffs, I don’t know what will.  Unfortunately, I scoured the internet (looked for 5 minutes) and could not find the full show.  You can find most of the clips and they’re pretty bad quality.  So let’s agree to this: If the Bears are still playing at the end of January, Janet Davies should redo this magical show for our current team.

Also, check out that Fencik sack.  It’s not even fair.



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