Brew’s Review: Gummiskey (And Baseball) Are Back!

Editor’s Note: We asked our guy Luke to write up some beer reviews after he recited a soliloquy for his 2021 Wild Prediction on the #108Fest – The Hangover Show. We knew he had the chops to write for us. Thanks Luke!

Welcome back to all of my beer drinking, baseball loving friends.  Speaking of welcoming things back, today’s beer review is Gummiskey from Noon Whistle Brewing Company.  I recently featured Noon Whistle in my brewery power rankings blog, which can be found here.

Noon Whistle Brewing Company: Gummiskey (Northeast IPA 6.8%)

Gummiskey (6.8% ABV) is a seasonal beer that is released traditionally in time for baseball’s opening day every year.  Gummiskey is a tribute to our very own White Sox.  (If you have to ask what the meaning behind Gummiskey is, then you’re reading the wrong blog.)  Gummiskey is a triple (3 bagger) dry hopped northeast IPA with Idaho7, Azacca, and El Dorado hops.  Gene Honda has just announced Gummiskey is up to bat, let’s see how things go on the #108ing scale.

The Deets / 108 Beer Rating

Can/Label – 59/80: The can design is very simple and basic with “Gummiskey” written in black cursive font as a tribute to the White Sox road gray uniforms.  I also appreciate the low profile design as it is a nice change of pace from all the eye popping beer can artwork.  The 59 rating is also a tribute to the Go Go White Sox from 1959. 

Appearance – 60/80:  With a very heady pour and a solid orange color, the beer appears to have a ton of potential right out of the gate.  Naturally, I selected a pint glass with a White Sox logo powered by Goose Island to drink this beer.  The frothy layered head brings a lot of appeal, just like Dallas Keuchel’s beard, who ironically wears number 60 for the South Siders. 

Taste – 55/80:  When I read the description of Gummiskey and saw that it was triple dry hopped I was initially anticipating a very hoppy beer that would pack a punch and potentially mow down the competition on a regular basis.  However, I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth and light it was all the way through.  For not being what I was expecting after pouring the drink, Gummiskey ended up being a very flavorful beer that I expect to satisfy many beer fans this year.  (Sounds a lot like Carlos Rodon).

Overall – 56/80: Gummiskey is a beer that is unique and light and with tastes of three great hop varieties.  A beer that goes down effortlessly and is still very effective.  This is a very good beer that should become more popular the longer it sticks around.  One would say that it could potentially be a hall of famer at some point.  While it isn’t a first ballot hall of famer, it definitely will stay on the ballot and eventually get the call.  You can find Gummiskey at both their tap room locations as well as at select Binny’s throughout baseball season. 

-Brew Hand Luke

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