The Big Homie’s Favorite #108Tourney Cameos

The 2021 #108Tourney finished last night, with 2020 runner up Summer of George getting back to the final and winning.

This year’s tournament brought some of the best content out of all the past tournaments. One trend brought back from the 2020 tournament was Cameo videos. For various dollars, you can get a celebrity to read a prepared script for you. Our #108Tourney participants had some excellent ones, and here are five of my favorites.

1. Evan Stone – Senor Sox (@SenorSox)

Completely ignoring who the celebrity of choice was, this was a top-notch Cameo. The delivery was articulate, passionate, and made me want to vote for Senor Sox. It even included a short serenade for our friend My Sox Summer at the very end.

            I will be honest. I had no idea who the person in the video was until a few people mentioned it. After finding out who Evan Stone is, this made the Cameo even funnier and greater. Senor Sox nailed it with his selection and solidified himself on this list.

2. Mr. Uekusa/Wes-P – Janice (@scuriiosa)

Japanese comedian Mr. Uekusa, also known as Wes-P, is somebody I have enjoyed for a few years through friend of the 108 Zach Sherwood’s Instagram. I was elated to find out through this tournament that another 108 friend Janice is also a big fan of Uekusa’s work. Fifty dollars and thirty seconds is all that was needed for this amazing Cameo.

3. Larry Hankin – Wet Bandit (@Wet_Bandit_)

Our guy Wet Bandit has done an excellent job throughout his time on Sox Twitter embodying the persona of Daniel Stern’s character Marv from Home Alone. Continuing his Twitter theme from the 1990 hit movie, Bandit got a Cameo from Larry Hankin, who plays the role of Officer Balzak.

4. Joseph R. Gannascoli – King Nom (@buehrlecat) and Amy Nommensen (@Pockets125)

The Nommensens brought out the big guns for their #108Tourney Cameo, booking Joey Gannascoli, Vito from The Sopranos. Joey G is in his car with a cigar in this 1:54 long masterpiece. Joey G does a masterful job getting in touch with his Vito side in delivering this #108Tourney Cameo for the ages.

5. Len Kasper – Steve-O (@drunkchisoxfan)

What better way to introduce new White Sox radio play by play announcer Len Kasper to Sox Twitter than booking him as an endorsement for the #108Tourney? Steve-O put out some spectacular content in this year’s tournament, and it all started with a solid choice for his first Cameo.

Those were five of my favorite Cameo videos from the 2021 #108Tourney. It was my pleasure being a part of the tournament process this year, and I am delighted to recap some of my favorite moments!

Darrin D. Brown

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