Happy #108Day – All The Juicy Details!

Happy #108Day! #108Day started as just a day to celebrate all things 108. We decided last year it would be our way for us and our fans to give back. We ended up raising and donating (with the generous match from @bwrchicago) almost $4k. Here’s the history of this glorious day (in BLOG form)….

Origin – https://fromthe108.com/2020/01/08/1-08-day-2020/

2020 Update – https://fromthe108.com/2020/01/12/1-08-day-update/

2020 Final – https://fromthe108.com/2020/01/22/108day-total-winners/

Now that we are caught up, here’s the details for #108Day 2021.

1- No longer will you maybe win a prize with your $5 donation…..EVERYONE GETS A PRIZE.

That’s right, every $5 donation will net you a “Mystery Sticker” that will NEVER be sold in our store. It will also include a 2020 #108Mas card that lit up the internet. Everyone deserves a copy. We’ll keep selling / sending stickers all year till they are gone.

2- The “Big Homie” Donation.

In addition to the “Mystery Sticker”, we are selling a very limited number of Fan Cutouts that will be featured in the #SundaySoak. What does that mean exactly?

Yup, we are selling the exact same thing the White Sox sold last season, but in a much more limited amount. For a mere $50 donation, you can have your picture (or a picture of anything you want) placed behind the 3 of us in the #SundaySoak. It’s 18″ x 30″ and your cutout will be featured in at least 1 #SundaySoak with other donators. In addition to buying this, you will get a “Mystery Sticker” and the 2020 #108Mas card mailed to you.

I’ll set the picture up for you, so you don’t even have to worry about that. But as our example shows, it doesn’t have to be White Sox (or even YOU) related. White Sox Sal can submit a picture of himself with a sign that says “GFY MSS” and we’ll display it. Or Sox In The Basement can submit the SITB logo or maybe a picture of Chris L. decked out in their gear and we’ll put him in the back of the soak! Yep, NO FUCKING RULES! So businesses take note, if you wanna reach White Sox / 108 fans, this is an extremely cheap way to do it. PLUS the profits will be donated! Yup, we make exactly $0 doing this.

Who’s Getting The Cash?

Last year we donated the money to the Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute. This year we have decided to donate to Pilsen Food Pantry. Not only do they provide food to families in need, they really are involved in the community with a variety of projects. So far…Pilsen Food Pantry, Cloth Mask Project, The Clothes Closet & Pilsen Little Library. Read more about them here. We wanted a personal touch this year and want your money to go even further.

Ready to donate?

To purchase the $5 “Mystery Sticker” Package go here –> fromthe108.bigcartel.com/product/108day-donation-myster-sticker-package

To purchase the $50 “Fan Cutout” Package, go here –> fromthe108.bigcartel.com/product/108day-donation-the-big-homie-package-fan-cutout

The Lucky 5.

As the 108 is always INCLUSIVE, all fans that purchase a “Mystery Sticker” Package will be entered into a drawing to WIN A “Fan Cutout”. 5 winners! 1 entry per $5 donated.


This is a pet project of mine and really wanted to simplify the process to make it much easier for me to do every year. So thank you, THE FAN, for reading this blog and even considering to donating to our little thing. I think you all will enjoy the “Mystery Sticker” and display it proudly on your laptop or Yeti-Type beverage holder. Shout out to Amy and Matt for taking this to the next level in 2020. Now, as our buddy Dave Williams would say “Let’s Fucking Go!”


If you have any questions or comments please email us here.

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