1/08 Day UPDATE

Thanks to all our fans (and the generous matching donation from Buffalo Wings & Rings) we have reached $3,000 in donations. That is 100% amazing and we wanna thank all of you fans of our crazy little thing for taking the time to donate some of your hard earned scratch to the Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute  in honor of Amy’s (The Hilarious Wife of King Nom) mom. We have 4 days left, so if you were thinking about it and just haven’t had the time, carve some time out and make that donation before 1/16. Now, that donation will get you a #108Mas card for 2020, which promises to be a shocker but you also might get a gift in the mail from us. Here are a list of gifts that people that donate could receive (Thanks to the folks donating items, y’all rock).

What a list and I am guessing more will get donated before this is all over.

So make that donation here before 1/16. If that link doesn’t work, try this –


We at the 108 are pretty amazed by this and thank you very much for even considering giving to this cause. Amy and Matt have been very overwhelmed by all the donations too, which is great to see.

Thanks again!

-The 108

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