1/08 Day 2020!

Happy 1/08 Day Folks! In 2020, we have gotten our shit together and wanna give back on our special day. So what does that mean?

At the end of last season Matt And Amy Nommensen slipped MSS an envelope with a few bucks in it. They told him to donate the money to any cause he wanted. But he had a plan. That initial donation was $1 for every hot dog that King Nom (Matt) ate that year, which was 150. We have decided to make the donation to the Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute in the name of Amy’s mom who passed away in 2019.

We know that any little bit helps, but we’d like to give a little more. So staring today (1/08) and ending on 1/16, you can make a $5 donation at our merch shop. We made an online ticket and purchasing this ticket enters you into a raffle for all sorts of fun gifts! MSS has a basement full of crap that, well, will look much better in your house or apartment.

Last year our buddy White Sox Dave signed a game used North Central College baseball jersey when he was on our podcast. We are gonna give that away to one lucky guy or gal who donates.

Couple years ago our big homie Brian Bilek got sooooooo hammered in the 108 he broke a cup holder (on accident). When we had him on the podcast he autographed it. That will also be given away to one lucky person!

Now, that isn’t it! Here are some other things you can win! 6 (SIX) – 108 Team Autographed baseballs all signed by Chorizy, ‘Loaf and MSS (other guys available upon request and availability). A SGA Home Run Chain! 2 other random cup holders from G-Rate that we have found over the years. A Daniel Palka autographed picture! 108 Merchandise! “The Sodfather” Bobbleheads! Tim Raines Starting Line Up Figures!

Now, as this goes on, we will announce new items on the daily. More donations equals more items given away. 1 ticket will get you a chance to win every prize, shipped directly to your home or office. You can purchase multiple tickets to increase your odds, just change the QTY when you make your purchase.

So head here by 1/16 and make that donation. 100% of the money donated will go to support the cause. Does that link not work for ya? Try this –


Thanks for even considering donating your hard earned money to the cause. And because you are a great person, we wanna offer you a 10% coupon code for our entire merch shop. Use code 108DAY when you check out to get 10% OFF! Code is also good till 1/16. #Booya

Feel free to contact us with any questions (@fromthe108 or fromthe108@gmail.com) .

-THE 108

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