#108Day Total & Winners!


Folks, we in the 108 wanna thank EVERYONE who donated to our #108Day campaign. We have raised $3,870 including the generous match from Buffalo Wings And Rings! And a reminder the money is being donated to the Lou and Jean Malnati Brain Tumor Institute in honor of Amy’s (The Hilarious Wife of King Nom) mom.


We have also selected the winners for the prizes that have been donated to us! We will be shipping these out in the next month. We have a busy weekend, but we will make sure that they are shipped before the end of Feb. If you won something that can’t be mailed, we will be in touch. Congrats to the winners!

White Sox Dave Signed Jersey – Frank K.
Brian Bilek Signed Cup Holder – Nathan S.
108 Signed Ball – Denise C.
108 Signed Ball – Stephen N.
108 Signed Ball – Jack B.
108 Signed Ball – Chuck F.
108 Signed Ball – Jordan L.
108 Signed Ball – Justin G.
SGA Home Run Chain – Justin S.
Random Cup Holder 1 – Dan “Palehose Kid” D.
Random Cup Holder 2 – Salvatore G.
Daniel Palka Autographed Photo – Thomas B.
108 Winter Hat – Kara B.
108 #108ing Shirt – Brendan M.
108 BBB Hat – Jeremy C.
Sodfather Bobble 1 – Mike P.
Sodfather Bobble 2 – Lauren W.
Tim Raines SLU 1 – Jason H.
Tim Raines SLU 2 – Alex S.
Bears Tickets – J.J. C.
Snark Shirt 1 – Lori N.
Snark Shirt 2 – Brendan S.
Game With King NOM – Leonard G.
Rey Lo Print from BSon / Sox On 35th – Thomas M.
Guest Spot on Pinwheels & Ivy – Daniel R.
2 Tickets to 4/10 Game – Jennifer S.
Ozzie Guillen Ball – Ryan R.
Curtis Granderson Ball 1 – Patrick D.
Curtis Granderson Ball 2 – Tom S.
Curtis Granderson Ball 3 – Kevin M.
Jerry Reinsdorf Autographed Ball – Rob S.
Jim Thome Bobblehead – Jerr O’S.
Alexi Ramirez Bat – Richard M.
Jose Abreu Ball – Austin D.
Chorizy Shirts – Kevin P.


-The 108

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