12 Days of #108Mas: The 5 – Original XMas Songs from the 1990s

I’m pretty sure literally everyone in the music industry has their own holiday album at this point. Look, it’s an excellent cash grab. Release covers of a bunch of old standards and we’ll listen to ’em. It happens every year and in a year where musicians had a lot of time on their hands and no touring revenue, I’d expect even more. But we’re here to talk about those brave few that have written their own Christmas songs during my lifetime. And for this group, we’re going 1990-1999.

5. Weird Al YankovicThe Night Santa Went Crazy

I’ll be honest, I am annoyed by Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. And I think it’s because it’s an amateurish attempt at what the master can do. Weird Al has, for my lifetime, been the absolute king of parody tracks. So why not take a listen to his Christmas song, I assure you, you will not be disappointed.

4. Smashing Pumpkins – Christmastime

Is it a bit melancholy? Sure. But it’s not infinitely sad. In fact, I am guessing that outside of watching pro wrestling, this is as about as joyous Billy Corgan gets. So take what you can get from Billy. It’s a pretty beautiful song and is definitely in my holiday playlist.

3. The Vandals – Oi To The World

I have no clue why the Vandals have a Christmas album, but they do and I’m happy about it! If this version is a little to punk for your tastes, No Doubt does a pretty great cover of it as well.

2. Tom Petty – Christmas All Over Again

Tom Petty was that trusty old veteran every team yearns to have. I imagine the Heartbreakers were sitting around smoking monster joints and said “Tom right a fucking Christmas song” and twelve minutes later, we had one of my favorite holiday tracks of the ’90s.

1. Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Sure you’ve heard it a billion times, but you know it is the best Christmas song of the past 25 years.


Honorable mention

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