12 Days of #108Mas: The 108 Shopping Guide!

Hello all you cool cats and kittens…remember that shit? Jesus. Joe Exotic was like a late night hook up you wanna forget in Covid times. Like, you enjoyed it at the time, but then you woke up. Maybe you were clothed, maybe the room smelled like meth, but your dignity was missing and you knew it. We’ve all had those days….but I digress.

Happy Fucking Christmas! I know around the holidays you start thinking about a great gift for a person in your life and you have really good intentions to get them something nice. Then, maybe you get high. Or you have drink or two and forget to make that order. We at the 108 understand your pain, so we thought we’d make it easy for you to get a gift that anyone would love. Yep, anyone. That’s a MSS guarantee.

Badass Black-On-Black Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt.

A low price of $35. Available here.

It’s speed metal inspired and just so goddamn black! You know you got a metal loving nephew or wife that also loves to get their drink on watching our Sox. Well here you fucking go! A great gift for anyone on your list, basically.

Baseball. Beer. Bullshi*t. Tee

A very low price of $15. Available here.

Tell every motherfucker “up in this bitch” what you are there to do. Watch some baseball, drink some Goose Island beer and talk some bullshit. It’s a true classic. You know your drunk dad, uncle, stepdad, paw-paw would love this shirt. Get it now!

The OG 108 Vinyl Sticker / Koozie Combo

A great combo for only $2.16. Available here and here.

I dare you to find a better deal on the internets. Double dog dare you. Both items are made and produced in the USA and ship same day as purchase usually. You’ll look like a big spender, but that wallet will still be full. Like our hearts during this time of the year.

Cameos for all!

Get a personal message for only $10.80. Available here.

Who doesn’t want a personal message from your favorite drunk uncles of White Sox Twitter? It’s rhetorical. A unique gift for just about anyone, Have some bad news to tell someone? Why not spend $10.80 and have Chorizy do it? Have something questionable that needs to be promoted? Just send us $10.80 and we’ll say it for ya.

There you go! 5 last minute gift ideas for almost EVERYONE on your list. Merry X-Mas!


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