Which Sopranos Capo would make the BEST White Sox manager??

As modern MLB teams continue to try and run their organizations like Fortune 500 companies instead of the family owned businesses they once were, I like to try and think through their decision trees using more modest tools. Managing people is still managing people whether you are in a finance firm, a construction company or an organized crime family. That final example gives me a nice little pallet to try and examine what I think the White Sox might be looking for at the skipper position.

The Dollar Dog KING Matt Nommensen became “made” this year in the 108 family, this is a pic from “THE BING” aka Buffalo Wings and Rings, where he became official

Peter “Paulie Walnuts” Gualtieri

Pros – Loyal, Tough, Experienced

Cons – Minimal upside, Average earner, Mommy Issues

Rick Hahn’s response…

Ralph Cifaretto

Pros – Terrific Earner, Analytical, Thinks outside the box

Cons – A Pain in the Ass, Very poor at managing up, Mommy issues

Rick Hahn’s response…

Feech La Mana

Pros – An original, innovator, smart

Cons – Large Ego, Relating to the younger generation

Rick Hahn’s response…

Bobby Baccalieri

Steven Schirripa is the Co-Host of the EXCELLENT Talking Sopranos podcast with Michael Imperioli (that Frank the K and I are obsessed with), he also follows the BeefLoaf back on twitter, believe it or not.

Pros – Loyal, Level Headed, Tough, Follows Directions

Cons – May lack respect from the other wiseguys due to being a respectable family man

Rick Hahn’s response…

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – APRIL 05: General manager Rick Hahn of the Chicago White Sox talks with reporters before the season home opening game between the White Sox and the Seattle Mariners at Guaranteed Rate Field on April 05, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois. The White Sox defeated the Mariners 10-8. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

I think I take Ralph Cifaretto, knowing I might have to whack him out in a year or two….who do you got? Hit us up on twitter.


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