The One-Hitter…A Last Thought about the WhiteSox adding Pitching at the Trade Deadline

This is the One-Hitter…..don’t forget to exhale.

We just released the 108 podcast and you should fucking listen to it, not only because my partners Chorizy-E and MySoxSummer are hilarious, but because we look at things that others might not be perusing. I wrote an article earlier in the week about how the White Sox need to upgrade at Starting Pitcher. During my research for the podcast, I found something…..INTERESTING.

See the table below.

Table pulled from Fangraphs

The White Sox haven’t faced a single offense (by wRC+) in the top 10, in fact the best offense they have faced were the Cardinals (15th in MLB) 102 wRC+ coming off of a 2 week hiatus. The following list is the rest of the offenses they have faced.

Pirates 29th wRC+ 67

Brewers 28th wRC+77

Indians 27th wRC +82

Royals 24th wRC+ 90

Tigers 20th wRC+ 96

Twins 18th wRC+ 99

Cubs 16th wRC +102

Cardinals 15th wRC+ 102

The bottom line is, the the White Sox haven’t faced any really good offenses and they should prepare to face some when they enter the playoffs….


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