The 5 – #WhiteSox Twitter Content Lessons (with a little help from my friends)

BeefLoaf, don’t give people advice! Because the majority of people will just think you are a pompous asshole for doing so and the minority that takes you up on the advice you give, will end up doing whatever you advise better than you.– Chorizy-E


That’s why my younger brother is smarter than me, because he advises me well, basically at all times…..but you know what, fuck him! In light of a recent twitter discussion that I was only quasi part of, I thought I would take some of my own medicine and let those with more experience than me speak on something. Actually, they’ve already spoke on these things, I just wanted to reiterate it here for all of yous (this is Bridgeport). I give you, the 5, 5 #WhiteSox Twitter Content Lessons.

WhiteSoxDave – Funny Sells


Other than being an all-around good dude and friend to us 108ers, I have learned many a good content lessons from Dave Williams, one that he made sure to communicate to us when he was on the 108 podcast back in 2019 was that Funny Sells! This is something that I think we try to bake into every piece of content we provide. If the thing doesn’t make you chuckle, ironically or not, then we aren’t doing our jobs. So the next time you or I write a serious statistical blog post, make sure to toss a few jokes in there. It matters.

Josh Nelson – Be consistent, Be stubborn


The SoxMachine podcast is a Josh Nelson creation and other than basically putting out the blueprint for all White Sox podcasts to come after his, by having the best guests and great analysis, he also gave the 108ers a great piece of advice when we were starting our podcast. “Be consistent, Be stubborn“…..I mean, his podcast is very good regardless, but one thing he made sure to communicate with us was to do a podcast every week and release it on the same day. And damn if he ain’t right about that shit. Now we have deviated slightly during #QuarantineLife but it’s a strong and valuable lesson.

Sam Panayotovich – Find your voice

Sammy P

When we had Sam on the 108 podcast we had a long ranging conversation about a variety of topics. Sam imparted lots of wisdom on us both on and off the podcast, but one thing that stuck to me was his directive to find your voice. You have to be you, when you put things out there, you can’t be a version of you, copying someone else, that just won’t work. This is a hard lesson to execute because you are undoubtedly influenced by your surroundings, but if you can get it, it’s valuable.

Matt Zawaski – Know When to Cut Your Losses


Father Zo is a delightful guy, before the holidays (which seems like years ago) we had a mafia-style lunch at Tufano’s….I was drinking wine, Father Zo was not, but he did share a nice little tidbit about trying to build up content on a particular social media site and realizing it just wasn’t going to happen. There is nothing wrong with trying stuff, but you also need to know when to cut your losses. In his case, he figured out that it probably wasn’t going to happen, after giving it a good faith effort and just moved back along to his strengths.

MySoxSummer – We don’t know what will work, so let’s just try it


MySoxSummer tends to “play” the goof at times in the 108 Zoo, but he definitely has a sharp content mind. One tenet that he’s always brought to the table and has definitely stuck with me is “we don’t know what will work”. How do you know that a LIVE Hot Tub Video talking #WhiteSox won’t work until you actually try it? How do you know that your biggest blog ever will be about giving people directions on how to properly use a public rest room, unless you just do it? The answer is….YOU DON’T. So give even the weirdest most original shit a try. It might work.

I hope you enjoyed these lessons, I know these and others have been awful helpful to me in bringing you the mediocre (at best) content I churn out.


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