Karma is a BITCH!!

I can remember all the way back to the end of the 2015 MLB Season. My good friend Dr. FeelGood who is a long-time Cubs fan (I actually went to my first game at Wrigley Field with him back in the day), was celebrating a great run by the Cubs into the NLCS, where they lost to the Mets. That Cubs team went from blech to World Series contender in a blink of an eye combining a good veteran pitching staff with a horde of young position players.


I remember telling Dr. FeelGood, at that time, something to the effect of……”I hope the Cubs don’t go and win a World Series right away, I want you to have to sweat a little bit with this good team before you get your World Series.” In hindsight, I sound like a kind of a dick, but my sentiment was more that it should be some work to get to the prize.  Of course that didn’t happen…The Cubs won the very next season running through the regular season in dominating fashion and although the World Series got a little dicey for them, they ended up winning that title just as quick as I’d hoped they wouldn’t……

Well, well, well karma sure is a bitch……


Who knew that my dumb ass statement to my dear friend would be playing itself out for me in BIG BOLD LIFE…here were are just a short 5 years later and I (along with all of the rest of you) are waiting out a world-wide pandemic to get the first real looks at the fruits of the White Sox rebuild labor. A team that has a good young core, that is just getting ready to take off and hopefully turn into a perennial contender.


I guess we’ll just have to wait…


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