#108Tourney Snubs Draft

Sponsored by Buffalo Wings and Rings.

The FromThe108 Twitter account currently follows over 9500 accounts. We whittle that down to 108 accounts, so you can be damn sure there are some snubs. Hell, there are snubs from the snubs draft and from the snubs draft snubs lists. OK, I’ve said snubs enough. Take a listen

Mr. Hand

  1. SoxOnTap
  2. Mookie
  3. Rum Punch
  4. Nick Clarke


  1. Brandon Stokes
  2. Man-Soo Lee
  3. Chicago Brvsh Lion
  4. Blakely Vinicky


  1. Shane Harmon
  2. Dom T
  3. Jennifer Coppertop
  4. Matt Bond


  1. Billy Rehfeld
  2. Pale Hose Kid
  3. Daryl Van Schouwen
  4. Darrin Brown

Make sure you get out there and follow all these fine people.

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