SoxOnTap Over/Unders

I was listening to our homies over at SoxOnTap from their Sunday Fun Day episode and while I seriously wanted to high five Tony Marchese when he expounded on the benefits of Nick Madrigal doing steroids, it was two other segments that caught my ear. One was the over/unders they predicted for themselves at the park this year and the other was the StatCult. So I thought it would be great to demonstrate the latter by looking at the former.

Lot B Prediction

In the podcast, the boys predicted a whopping 1600 beers to be consumed in Lot B by their crew this year. This is an impressive number and even more so when you break it down. There are 80 home games. If they attended all of them, they’d need to knock down 20 per game, just in the lot. Jonnie and Tony make mention of being able to handle about 5 each per game and mention a 40 game pack. They also mention a 27 beer performance over 5 hours, which further backs up the 5 per game claim.

So if I were strictly looking at the numbers here, I’d put them at the 400 mark together. Even if they can triple their numbers at each of these games by being joined by other members, they land at 1200. But we shouldn’t just look at that. There are other factors at play if you’ve seen this crew in action. They get after it for tailgates. Jonnie Nonnie, the hardest working man in White Sox Twitter, could come out and run a tailgate every weekend homestand. That’s roughly 13 tailgates and it’s an easy 125 beers getting crushed per tailgate.

With what I know about that crew, from scouting their drinking prowess in person, I am pounding the over!

Dollar Dog Prediction

The prediction here was a sodium overdose of 400 dollar dogs. This starts to look reasonable when you realize that last year’s runner-up in the competition, NWI Steve, is now part of the OnTap Network. He obliterated 131 dogs last year and is poised to get to that illustrious 150 number this year. That leaves only 250 dogs to be consumed over 10 (possibly 11) games by the rest of the crew. With the number of members and the huge head start from Steve, this seems like a shoe in for the over.

HOWEVER, we’ve seen these guys in action. Tony never properly checks in his dogs on the Twitter machine, causing him to contribute 0 dogs to the cause. The guy can’t even spell Crack ‘Em correctly in a hashtag, do we have any reason to believe he’ll get the #dollardog one right?

Sorry fellas, the under is the bet here.

In conclusion, there is a lot that numbers can tell you, but future predictions have a lot of other factors. You need to use a combination of numbers plus what you’ve seen if you’re gonna put your money where your mouth is.

Make sure to go listen to our good friends at SoxOnTap


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