We Declare War Against…..

The Kannapolis Cannon Ballers! Yep, those jerkfaces. Now, you all know we at the 108 are pretty level headed and would never go off half cocked (as they say) but last week they pushed us too far. We were alerted to a post over on the ‘Gram by our buddy DB Brown! Wanna see it? Here it is –

Oh that’s a fucking great idea…HEY……WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!?!?!?!?!?!?

Well ain’t that a bitch. Those thieving motherfuckers! We have this 100% awesome and 100% original idea and the “Cannon Blowers” take it and don’t even credit us. Or use the correct tag line! Bastards! What’s next, shaving in a mustache for charity? WE WILL CUT YOU.

Now, we aren’t declaring war just because they stole our idea and did it kinda poorly. No. We have a history with the “Cannon Blowers”. You might remember (they surely don’t) last year the 108 won one of their contests on the Twitters! We won a Luis Robert autographed ball that we were gonna use in our 2018 Festivus / White Elephant Gift Exchange at Lo Rez Brewery. They promised to ship it quick so we could give it out to a fan. Started off great, take a look…..

But then this…..

Listen, we don’t need a Luis Robert signed ball. But our fans do, and they are fucking you, the fans. Now, we know a guy at the Post Office, word up Jack. The chances that 2 balls were sent out and they both didn’t arrive isn’t possible. What is 100% possible is they never sent the fuckers.

So in conclusion, we are at war with the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers. They attacked us first, so it’s the right thing to do. Now, can we resolve this? Of course we can. Since you stole our idea, maybe you can send us that shirt and we’ll see that as a good peace offering. Beef and I are a size 2XL, Chorizy is an XL. We’d even wear some jerseys too, sizes are the same.

We’d also like to use this time to announce the new 108 mascot. We call him ‘Stache. Hope you guys like him!

We expect to hear from you soon.


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