2020 – The dawn of a new White Sox decade

Hey guys, it’s your favorite man of questionable character. 


As most of you should already know I am a huge fan of Seinfeld. And it came to me. There was a famous episode of the show, with an iconic line, that really applies to what this story is about. So, without further ado lets go. 


It is the dawn of a new decade, and as far as the White Sox and their fans are concerned, it cannot get here fast enough. The last decade was possibly the worst in franchise history. Not only based on record but also off the field events such as Drake LaRoche and Sale Scissorhands. As anyone who follows me knows I have been very skeptical this offseason, as opposed to the optimism I had at the beginning of last offseason. This year’s skepticism stemmed from the way last offseason played out, but that is in the past.

Like Mark McGwire in front of Congress in 2005 I am here to talk about the future and not the past, with the future being the 2020 White Sox. The Front Office deserves a lot of credit for what they have been able to accomplish this offseason. As we all know the identified needs in RF, 2 starting pitchers, a LH bat, and a DH. They have addressed all of the goals, and somewhat encouragingly have said that they have enough financial flexibility to add a RF and a bullpen arm or two. With this I again commend them, they had a plan and executed.

With Opening Day just under three months away the dawn of a new decade, the roaring ‘20’s, coincides with the dawn of a new era of White Sox baseball and the natural question is what can we expect?


Now before I answer this question, I want you the reader to remember two distinct things, who said this and what was said. The White Sox will start by making back to back playoff appearances that will lead to the team winning multiple, yes multiple, World Series titles. I see three titles and corresponding parades in the next 10 years. So, it’s going to be their time, time to drink the champagne and let it drip down their chin.



-Aloha Mr. Hand

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