The 5 – UPDATED White Sox Internet Broadcast Pairings

Good day frents, it’s your old pal BeefLoaf and I wanted to revisit a blog post that I wrote back in March of 2017 (READ THAT ARTICLE RIGHT HERE) about pairing up people to broadcast White Sox games on the Internet, where anything goes and where you can really have some fun with the broadcast, no corporate sponsors, no FCC, just good clean (or not so clean) internet fun.  I have had this blog post half written for months, but in honor of Jason Benetti taking randos off the street for this weekend’s broadcasts in Anaheim, starting with the eccentric Bill Walton, I felt it time to finish this up and blast it to the literally dozens of you mufuckas that might read such a thing.  Remember, this is the internet, so anything goes and that’s important when remembering these groups……I bring you, THE 5


5 – The Alternative Feed – Bennett Karoll / White Sox Slater

When you are going for a little different voice, you need some different voices.  Two of the most clever dudes on White Sox twitter teaming up to give you the goods on the White Sox?


Bennett I only know as a mythical internet twitterer, where as White Sox Slater has viewed many games in Section 108.  I suspect there will be covert political talk as well as inside jokes galore.  Think Dennis Miller in the MNF booth if he were actually funny and getting jokes to land.

5 – The WWE Feed – KenWo / WhiteSoxDave / Chorizy-E

Ah fuck, I might have miscounted, fuck it!  This is the WWE feed, look, I don’t know if that is even appropriate, no clue if the big homey WhiteSoxDave even watches WWE, I know Chorizy-E doesn’t, but he’s just here to direct traffic and make fun of these knuckleheads.  KenWo and WhiteSoxDave have some of the funniest banter in White Sox twitter, so why not bring these goofs to an internet feed near you to talk about the game.  I suspect the conversation would be long ranging, contain many curse words and have the potential to end up in physical altercation.


4 – The Black Twitter Feed – Uncle Grumpy / Infamous Marv

Imma say it.  Black Twitter is under represented in White Sox twitter.  We’ll fix that right here, because my guys Uncle Grumpy and Infamous Marv will save the day.  Marv will come with the baseball talk, Grumpy has got the stories, no clue who will be steering this ship, but I know where it goes and I think you’ll all enjoy it.  One note, I want a bottle of bourbon on the console to start and these guys can’t leave until it’s all gone.

3 – The Semi-Professional Feed – Josh Nelson / Chris Lanuti

Alright, I want at least one semi-professional sounding feed in this group, so I am going to go with Josh and Chris.  Josh (who is the only repeat choice from my article two years ago) is the host of the SoxMachine podcast and Chris is the host of the SoxInTheBasement podcast.  Since we have two fucking chatterboxes in the same booth, I’ll choose Chris to be the color commentator as I know how much he likes to tie one on (people from Evergreen Park often do).  We will probably have to put these two in a bunker like Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume to ensure that White Sox management can’t locate them because they may or may not disagree a bit with the folks in charge.

2 – The “Working Blue” Feed – Juan Uribe’s Cup / Jeff the Giant / Zach Sherwood

If you ingest much #WhiteSox Twitter you really don’t need me to explain this one to you.  I recently had a DM conversation with Juan Uribe’s Cup and Zach that would get me kicked off twitter, fired from my job and jailed in 17 states and they didn’t think we went far enough.  This is probably the feed I’d personally listen to most until Rick Hahn’s 5-7 year rebuild starts producing good teams, they’ll provide the banter.


1 – The Ladies Feed – Lauren Nisavic / Alyssa Bergamini

Last but definitely not least, we need some powerful women broadcasting White Sox games, it’s a perspective we don’t get enough in the ballpark, on the air or even on the internet.  These two are not only some of the biggest White Sox fans around, but they embrace #108ing culture just like you do.  Check out their interviews here and here and you’ll read some of the same goofy thoughts on the Sox that we all have.

Got an idea for some folks that should provide us an internet feed of White Sox baseball, hit me up on the twitter machine and tell me, or drop some chit in the comments on our blog, I answer everything, everywhere, so DO IT!!!



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