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Here at the 108, it is our job….our duty to bring to you the great personalities of White Sox twitter, either via tweet / photo / video or blog post. In continuing with the tradition of bringing you “the goods” from White Sox twitter we have our interview with a true Twitter Legend, a man who needs absolutely no introduction, but who’s mere presence caused both BeefLoaf and Chorizy-E to be star struck and that man is GasMoneyBob.



Favorite Game That You Were At

Game 2 of the 2005 World Series. My buddy had an Aunt that worked for Fox Sports out in LA. She hooked us up with 4 seats in section 120 row 19 on the aisle. We did a $20 pick to click and my buddy that picked Konerko, right before the grand slam, told us if he hits a grand slam here you guys don’t have to pay. The celebration after he hit it was unbelievable. The weather was perfect too.


Favorite All Time Player That Doesn’t Have a Statue On the Concourse

Before he became an awful manager I would have said Ventura, but that experience ruined his legacy as a Sock. I was a big fan of guys like Black Jack McDowell and Ray Durham back in the early-mid 90’s when I really started getting into baseball and the Sox.

Favorite Drink and Dinner at the Park

Beer. Right now I love that they have Revolution Everyday Hero on tap. Nice to be able to drink 10 craft beers and still be able to walk.

Food at the park is definitely a Polish with. After the game a side trip to Gene and Jude’s.

Favorite Place to Sit

Anywhere that I got the ticket for free.

Favorite Uniform

I love the 1976 hats. The 83 uniforms are nice but I actually like the current uniform best.

Favorite Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a magnetic schedule?

Favorite Theme Night

This year I’ll probably hit up Grateful Dead Tribute night and I won’t be anywhere near the place for Jimmy Buffet (Margaritaville Night) night.


What irks you the most about White Sox fans?

Nothing. I haven’t done the research but I think White Sox fans are universally loved by all.

What is the worst part of being a Sox fan?

Having Reinsdorf as an owner.

Worst part of the game day experience? 

Waiting in line for the bathroom. I was waiting for a port-o-john on the ramp down the left field line during game 163 when Thome hit that bomb.

What really grinds your gears?

It drives me crazy that a team that wants you to come out and tailgate only has 2-3 port-o-johns in the parking lots on Opening Day and the more popular series like the Cubs. They pretty much force you to piss all over your tires.

I’m starting to realize I pee a lot.

Least Favorite White Sox player of all time

Dunn, LaRoche, Swisher, Teahen, I’m sure there are a bunch more I can’t think of right now.

Game Day

Most memorable experience as a White Sox fan 

Other than 2005 I would say the time I caught a Konerko foul ball that I ended up giving to this lady because it ricocheted off her face.

Ballpark experience, how could it be better?

Charge less for beer.

Best Sox Park hack?

Once upon a time it was buy $7 Upper Deck tickets and then sit wherever you want. You can still do it these days but there is more effort involved. Also getting to the park take Canal Street and avoid the traffic.

Which Gate is your favorite to enter the park from?

I guess I usually go through Gate 5

How Early Do You Get To Games?

Usually waiting outside of Lot G waiting for them to open it up.

How Many Games Do You Go To Each Year?

In my prime I was hitting up 30-35 a season. Now it’s between 1-5

Section 108 Questions

What gets you excited about the White Sox?

The young core (Moncada, Anderson, Eloy, Robert, etc) gives me some hope.

What makes you sad about the White Sox?

Losing. I wish the owner was more dedicated to winning. He says he is but we all know where his priorities are. I don’t think this is a Blackhawks situation either. Michael Reinsdorf is no different.

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you love?

I keep thinking about the hot dog metal case when the vendor would tap the door a few times to get your attention.

Hot Dog

What sound or noise at the ballpark do you hate?

“Last Call”

What is your favorite Hawkism?

“You gotta be bleepin’ me”

Has anyone ever told you that you look like Matt Abbatacola?

I’m much better looking than Matt but people used to think I was him.

Who are your favorite twitter follows?


@PFTCommenter is a genius. @BarstoolBigCat is hilarious. Those are obvious ones. Everyone else on Twitter is tied for 3rd except @kivascubs. Fuck that guy.

Why did they effectively cancel “Gas Money” and change the name to “Beer Money”?

Not sure why, but Gas Money was a much better show.

Who is your current favorite Chicago athlete?

I will take a bullet for Khalil Mack

Why do you think Fat Toews is more beloved than you?

Fat Toews

Is he? I’ll have to work on that.


Is a hot dog a sandwich?

I don’t give a fuck, they’re delicious.

Boxers or Briefs?

Boxer Briefs

Thin crust or deep dish?

Give me all of the pizza.

Favorite jersey that you own?

I only own shirseys

Do you eat Marconi giardiniera?

Of course. The best giardiniera out there. Recently I have been using the giardiniera relish and its phenomenal.

Mike North or Dan Bernstein?

Bernstine is the reason why GMB got a lot of traction early on. Without him calling attention to GMB it may have never got off the ground. Unlike a lot of people in this city I’m a fan of Mike North. He interacts with me on Twitter pretty regularly.


Jim Belushi or John Belushi?

Who the hell is John Belushi?


Do you ever get jealous that Barstool Sports used your excellent articles to catapult themselves to stardom?

I’m sure the 15 clicks I’ve generated for Barstool over the last few years have made them a huge profit.

Have you ever started a fight to change the momentum or set the tone?

I will always encourage other people to fight, but I am a lover.

Mike Ditka or Buddy Ryan?

Ditka has survived multiple heart attacks.

Do you have any favorite #108ing stories you’d like to share, ballpark or otherwise?

Went to a Sox/Mets game by myself. There was about an hour long rain delay or so and I was just pounding beers. I ran into a buddy and his girlfriend and they said there was an extra seat next to them maybe 2-3 rows behind the Sox dugout. Sox are down 3-1 in the 9th so i stand up and start trying to pump up the crowd and the team. Group behind me starts yelling at me to sit down but I don’t. It’s the 9th inning, get up! So a few moments later security comes down and tells me to sit down and I do. Then my buddy asks me what that was all about and I said “this bitch behind me called security” loud enough for her to hear me. Next thing I know I am wearing her beer and I stand up turn around and security is coming down the steps to escort me out of the stadium. I did nothing wrong (except call that women a bitch which I understand was wrong, but also true). Sox ended up losing and I feel it was because I got booted.

What’s your greatest fear about the “rebuild”? 

Kenny Williams being involved and Jerry Reinsdorf being cheap.

What is there about this team that excites you the most?

The sound off the bats of Moncada, Eloy, and Robert makes it move a little.

Give us a #HotTake about the rebuild.

As long and Jerry and Kenny are involved I think the Sox are fucked.

Favorite White Sox Twitter Account (Besides @fromthe108) and why?

I probably interact the most with White Sox Dave.


Person from White Sox Twitter that you’d most like to meet and why?

I’ve never actually met Chris Tannehill.

Favorite Non-White Sox Twitter Account and why?

Anyone that makes me laugh, really.

What do you like best about @fromthe108 ?

I love how you guys have turned the section where you sit into a culture. You all seem like good dudes too. Especially when I met you and you gave me your last beer. That beer will not be forgotten.


Favorite White Sox related blog or podcast and why?

I don’t listen or read a lot of White Sox specific podcasts/blogs. I’ll read WSD’s stuff and have started reading/listening/watching your shit. I’ve listened to Garfien’s podcast a few times especially during free agency.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink for #108ing?  Be specific and feel free to go with more than one if you need to.  What about your favorite beer style?

I enjoy most booze. I drink a ton of beer usually IPA and pale ales. Jack and coke, vodka soda, whiskey or tequila shots. Red wine is great too.

Favorite cut of Steak?  Prepared?

Filet Mignon, medium rare, just salt and pepper maybe a bernaise on the side.

Gimme an “Uncle Rico” moment from your prior sports playing past.

I finished in the top 10 in Dupage County in  free throw shooting my senior year of High School.

Where would you take @ChiPartyAunt out on a date?

The NFL Draft


Favorite performance enhancing drug?

Prilosec is a miracle drug.

Who do you hate more Jim Belushi or John Cusack?

What’s there to hate?

Happy Ending

What Other Chicago Teams Do You Enjoy 

I think we all know that the Bears are my main squeeze. Huge Bulls and Hawks fan as well. Sports is life.

Favorite Chicago Sports History Moment 

January 26, 1986

Favorite All-Time Sox Broadcaster 

Steve Stone


Any Stories About Running Into or Meeting White Sox Players? Other Chicago Athletes?

I went to St Petersburg with some buddies and ran into a few guys at Dan Marino’s Martini bar. Aaron Rowand was dancing, I talked to Esteban Loiza for like 10 minutes. Really nice guy I’m sure life is treating him well these days.

That was all great, but the funniest part of that night was I saw Garland and Buehrle sitting having a drink and I walked up to them and said what’s up and then I said “Buehrle, I love you man” perfectly normal fanboy shit. Then Buehrle looks at Garland and says “That sounded gay”.

I laughed but deep down it hurt.

Favorite Band?


What is your favorite song?

The Super Bowl Shuffle

Favorite TV Show (or Netflix or HBO or whatever the fuck)?

Gas Money until they changed it. I’ve watched Breaking Bad at least 5 times.

Do you remember your first Sox game?

Roger Clemens got ejected for arguing a call.

What Player had the greatest impact on you?

Frank Thomas Stan over here.

What was the happiest day watching the Sox?

When Uribe fired that ball to Konerko for the final out of the 2005 Series.


What was the saddest day watching the Sox? 

Every day between 2009-2019

What are you most proud of?

The ‘85 Bears

What’s the one thing about you few people know?

My real name

What do you dislike most in others?

I like most people unless I am driving or in an airplane, then I hate everyone.

What do you like doing in your spare time? 

Drinking, sports, music, gambling, eating, cigars

What is your favorite movie?

Brian’s Song

What is your favorite baseball movie?

The original Bad News Bears

What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

I’m afraid the referees, officials, and umpires will prevent Chicago from winning the amount of Championships we should.

What’s your one biggest pet peeve?

People that breathe through their nose. Weirdos.

What would be a good theme song for your life?

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

What ballpark would you like to visit?

The stadium where Charlotte plays looks awesome.

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