The One Hitter – The White Sox can’t afford Jose Abreu

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.  I was goofing off, doing a little poking around the internets related to our favorite Sout Side Team thinking through a few discussion points for our visit on the ChiSoxWeekly podcast this week and I decided to do a quick sketch of the 2019 White Sox payroll, I had heard lude claims that the White Sox had this microscopic payroll, so I wanted to see if it was true.  So I made a few assumptions.

  1. Modest arb raises for those in line for them
  2. A mostly league minimum payroll (I used $600k, which might be an eyelash high)
  3. Picked up Nate Jones’ option
  4. I signed 2 bottom basement starting pitchers for $5M each to replace Kopech / Shields spots.

Here are the results

Sox Payroll

That payroll is pretty similar to the roughly $72M that was spent this year.  If they did go out there and sign a Manny Machado, well they’d be at $100M, with not even 1 above average starting pitcher.

Based on what we think as fans, they probably won’t be spending much more than $100M in total on payroll this year.


Conclusion: If the White Sox are going to be players in this off-season, I think Jose Abreu’s and Avi Garcia’s salaries need to go away.



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