The One Hitter – The White Sox can’t afford Jose Abreu

This is the One Hitter, don’t forget to exhale.  I was goofing off, doing a little poking around the internets related to our favorite Sout Side Team thinking through a few discussion points for our visit on the ChiSoxWeekly podcast this week and I decided to do a quick sketch of the 2019 White Sox payroll, I had heard lude claims that the White Sox had this microscopic payroll, so I wanted to see if it was true.  So I made a few assumptions.

  1. Modest arb raises for those in line for them
  2. A mostly league minimum payroll (I used $600k, which might be an eyelash high)
  3. Picked up Nate Jones’ option
  4. I signed 2 bottom basement starting pitchers for $5M each to replace Kopech / Shields spots.

Here are the results

Sox Payroll

That payroll is pretty similar to the roughly $72M that was spent this year.  If they did go out there and sign a Manny Machado, well they’d be at $100M, with not even 1 above average starting pitcher.

Based on what we think as fans, they probably won’t be spending much more than $100M in total on payroll this year.


Conclusion: If the White Sox are going to be players in this off-season, I think Jose Abreu’s and Avi Garcia’s salaries need to go away.



One thought on “The One Hitter – The White Sox can’t afford Jose Abreu

  1. I can’t understand why delusional people like yourself think that Manny Machado would EVER want to join the White Sox. Manny wants to win, NOW. The Sox are still years away from fielding a contender. Playing for a contender will allow him earn even more money via endorsements. In short, stop wasting your time thinking that Manny Machado will ever sign with the White Sox!

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