The One Hitter – Write Sox

Hi friends, it’s your buddy BeefLoaf.  This is a rare One Hitter (don’t forget to exhale), where I make a public plea to a local celebrity.  One of the “old heads” of WhiteSox twitter, Tom Fornelli, the artist formerly known as @NotHawk but currently known as @WriteSox despite being quite active on twitter, hasn’t written a blog post at in over 1 calendar year…….I can’t have it!!  I need to hear from @WriteSox in longer form than 280 characters….PLEEEEEZE!!!!
I understand the rigors of life sometimes get to us and we can’t always kick out 500 words on “Why Leury Garcia getting caught stealing so much is imperative to his development as a Utility Man” or some such bullshit.  I understand that Mr. Write Sox has other commitments, to my knowledge he has a dog that needs to be walked at least a couple of times per day…..he has a writing job for CBS Sports (btw, I’m not a big college football fan, although I do ingest it mostly each Saturday, but you have to check out his bottom 25 rankings, such a fun idea and well executed)…..he has to run models to come up with bets for “Trust the Process”, he has at least a couple of annual spots on PMT to deal with, I think there are also at least occasional spots on 670theScore (or at least some hosts make fun of him or some shit) so I get that life sometimes gets in the way.  But this is just one fan pleading to another, much more famous (if less handsome) fan to PLEEEEEZE make a blog post at sometime soon, I enjoy them as I assume other fans do as well.
If you agree with your buddy BeefLoaf, please tweet this post @WriteSox and tag him so he knows we love him and want bloggings from him.
– BeefLoaf 

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