2018 Prediction Show – Revisited

As some of you may know, the 108ers did a Prediction Show in March of this year to flush out all the things we thought would occur during the 2018 season.  Since we are at the all star break, I figured I would go through these predictions and see what we hit on and what might leave a little bit to be desired.  I will include the predictions in their entirety, but in case you’d like to watch the original show, our blog post for that is included right here.
Yoan Moncada will lead the team in HR’s, SB’s and OBP – BeefLoaf
The BeefLoaf got a little Moncada crazy….here’s how it’s looking
Moncada               White Sox Leaders
HR – 12                    HR (Davidson) – 14
SB –  9                    SB (Anderson) – 21
OBP – .312               OBP (Narvaez) – .356
The home runs still look like they are in play, the rest…..DON’T
James Shields will throw 200 innings – Chorizy
James Shields will have more wins than Lucas Giolito – MSS
Shields has 126 IP, which puts him on a current pace for 202 IP
Shields wins 4, Giolito wins 6….close, but not yet.
Avi Garcia will hit 30 HRs – Chorizy
Avi Garcia has been nothing but hurt in the 1st half, but he still has 9 HR’s in only 148 PA, what could’ve been.
Nate Jones will spend 0 days on the DL in 2018 – Chorizy
Michael Kopech’s 1st start will be a WIN vs Chris Sale on Hawk day, September 2nd – MSS
This is still in play…..Kopech has yet to join the big club.
Eloy Jimenez will crush 3 HRs vs the Cubs in September – MSS
Going to have to wait till September to determine an outcome here
Cubs / Sox September series will include a fight – MSS
Ricky Renteria will lead MLB in ejections with at least 10 – Chorizy / BeefLoaf
Ricky is playing possum this year with only 3 ejections at the All-Star break, maybe the summer heat will kick this number up a bit.
Less Bunts / More Blunts – MSS
White Sox will trade for Adam Jones – Chorizy
Eloy Jimenez and Michael Kopech will not play an inning with the White Sox until September – BeefLoaf
This is currently on pace with neither phenom being promoted as of yet….
The White Sox will sell out 10 games this season – MSS
The White Sox will lose 90 100 games in 2018 – Chorizy / BeefLoaf 
The White Sox are currently on pace to lose 106 games…..
Special Guests to increase in the 108 in 2018, et al – MSS
This is most definitely occurring, the 108 has been “LIT” as the kids say so for this season
OJ Simpson will throw out the first pitch at a Miami Marlins game – Chorizy
Marlins attendance is last in MLB and it is down like 1,000,000%, so this seems likely to happen, even though it hasn’t happened yet.
New Sox Order (@newsoxorder) will sneak 70 cans of Hamms into the ballpark (ie Section 108) – Chorizy
Zach, Keir and Colin…..we are waiting…..
The 108 crew will start going to games earlier and earlier due to the White Sox announcing who will throw out the ceremonial first pitch – MSS
Eh, No, but we did go early to see Danny Farquhar throw out the first pitch
Todd Frazier will be photographed wearing the Jersey Demolition shirt in September when the Mets play the Red Sox – BeefLoaf
May 28th, the Reds take on the Twins, and the Reds will giveaway a Marge Schott bobblehead killing Harambe – Chorizy
$1 hot dog Wednesday nights will be cancelled before the season ends – BeefLoaf
$1 hot dog nights / days will have a 911 style conspiracy theory started by the Pride and Passion Crew, about why we can’t get our hot dogs anymore – MSS
After the most recent Wednesday night vs. the Cardinals, it would appear that $1 hot dogs are going the way of the Dodo
The Slumpbuster will make at least 7 Saturday games – Chorizy
I believe Slumpbuster is at 0 or 1 made Saturday games, which means, IF he’s at 1, he’ll need to make the last 6, so no.
The 108ers will win the “Split the Pot” at Sox Park – BeefLoaf
Not yet, but it ain’t for a lack of trying……
BeefLoaf will attend the most games in 2018 – MSS
This is a close battle between MSS & BeefLoaf, but since BeefLoaf doesn’t keep track of how many games he attends and still has a couple of vacations upcoming, it’s looking like MSS will take the crown again this year.
The 108ers will eat Portillo’s with Jason Benetti – Chorizy
Jason hates us even more than he did before, so this isn’t looking likely.
The Wally$ card will decrease in value after people figure out that he doesn’t wear Davidoff Cool Water cologne – BeefLoaf
This might be the MOST INCORRECT prediction of the list.  People still fuggin’ LURVE the Wally$ card.
Baderbrau will create a 108 branded mexican lager “El Drunks in the Outfield” – MSS
#RIPIP Baderbrau
Our tickets will be checked > 700 times by the ushers – Chorizy
Actually, we’ve had our tickets check less this year, than last year…..SO FAR….but we’ll see
The Slumpbuster and Biguns will make it out for at least one #SundayFunday game this year – BeefLoaf
Aloha Mr Hand will spend more time in 108 this year, than in his kick ass seats behind home plate – MSS
The 108ers will be on TV several times this year – MSS
Jason Benetti will make disparaging comments about MSS weight and will repay those comments with food #dick – MSS
Jason Benetti did talk about our friend Sam Pavelka on the tv broadcast earlier this season.  He however is still scared of / hates the 108ers so no mention directly of us or our hijinx on the tele.

– BeefLoaf

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