The 5 – Better ways to do the Sandlot promotion

I’m not totally blaming the Sox here.  Sounds like this is a league-wide promotion and it’s probably happening the same way everywhere.  But Beefloaf and I were discussing this the other day and there are some better ways to do this.  If you don’t know what I am talking about, after the Sox game on Saturday, they played the move The Sandlot on the scoreboard.  The only concessions seemed to be popcorn and candy.  People were able to sit in their seats and watch the movie.

On the Field

Instead of doing this after a game, do this on a day when the Sox aren’t even in town and let the fans sit on the field.  You can have a limited set of tickets at a really low price and let families come in and watch the movie on the field.  This is a far better experience for the fans and there is a reason to watch it in the park instead of just watching it at home.

Before the Game

Having the movie play pre-game instead of post-game is so much better.  Get some asses in the seats early.  Sell a bunch of concessions.  At the conclusion of the movie, you can have one of the guys from the movie throw out the first pitch while Benny the Jet steals home.

Alternate Baseball Movie in the Bars

If it has to be post-game, let’s have some other baseball movies going in the bar areas.  Maybe Bull Durham or Major League.  Of course I want Bingo Long.  Hell, why not make this an actual thing.  Post-game Friday night movie at Chi-Sox.  Of course, they’ll close the kitchen 5 seconds after people get there and the promotion will be worthless.

Live Action

Find the 10 drunkest people in the park and give them $20 in Comiskey Cash to act out the movie in the concourse.  This will only last about 5 mins before someone goes full Diego Maradona and starts flipping people off, but it’ll be extremely entertaining.

Replace the Movie with Ozzie Guillen Video Clips

Instead of playing a movie at the end of the game, every game should end with snippets of Ozzie interviews.  When the Sox lose it should be angry Ozzie after a past loss.  After a win, you get the “winning is fung” Ozzie.  In a rain delay, you get a mix of Howard Ankin commercials and Ozzie saying things he’ll get in trouble for like stuff about Fidel Castro and Jay Marriotti.


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