25,000 oz

Sports has tons of outlandish claims…….Wilt Chamberlain’s 20k women, Wade Boggs drinking 60 beers during a cross country flight, Larry Bird scoring 47 pts in a game with his left hand, Kim Jong Il’s amazing round of golf in which he shot 38 under par, with 11 holes in one and…..the 108ers drinking 25,000 oz of beer during the baseball season??  That’s right, yours truly came out with what I thought to be a reasonable claim to our friend Aloha Mr. Hand’s question in our most recent Saturday Soak, but apparently, some people saw it as NOT. SO. LIKELY.
Before we go down this path, I want to warn you folks, these calculations are purely hypothetical in nature and may or may not reflect what actually happens in the actual, actuality.  Also, these calculations are just a reflection of the OG 108ers, so someone who is at tons of games with us like #Wally$ isn’t reflected in this number.  If he were, well, it would obviously go higher (but we weren’t counting Bacardi consumption, so there’s that).  There is also the matter of amount of games attended, MySoxSummer went to 76 games last year, yours truly, the ‘Loaf attended 60 games, we are only projecting 50 (well 51), so conservatism has been appropriately applied…..IN THEORY….not like this stuff would REALLY HAPPEN.
Okay, let’s dig in…..
First we look at Opening Day, a festive affair in which the 108ers have a private party with friends and family….

Opening Day

Next, we have the estimated 20 games that the 5 OG 108ers hit together, its mostly all Fridays and some Saturdays…
Finally, we have the estimated 30 games that just MSS, ‘Loaf and Chorizy-E hit together…
Sunday Soak
1,060 + 14,600 + 9,360 = 25,020 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All of this excludes extended Baderbrau tailgates, where the beer flows from gates to the 3rd inning, or Patio Parties or days were we just decide to hang out for several hours afterwards and drink the cooler to the bottom.  Again, a CONSERVATIVE estimate. 😉
I know what you are saying….”BeefLoaf, is all that drinking considered healthy for the 108ers?”….well lucky for you (and luckier for us) one of our best friends in the whole wide world is a Real Life Doctor!!!!  I reached out to our best friend in the whole wide world, Dr. Feelgood, to get his take on our barley & hops consumption.  This is a serious medical opinion, so let’s be serious and listen….

“As the local medical consultant for all things 108, I’d have to say that this amount of alcohol consumption would be defined as, in medical jargon, detrimental to your health which in layman’s terms means “hella bad”. 

Alcohol is directly toxic to your liver. It literally kills a small portion of your liver every time you drink it.

Luckily, the liver is the most resilient organ in your body.

Long term consumption of this magnitude increases cancer risk and can lead to cirrhosis and dementia. 

The only problem is….108er’s are so fun to drink with and 25000oz is likely the only way imaginable to be able to sit through the amount of White Sox baseball they will watch this year. 

Additionally, several case studies point to excellent alcohol consumption as a direct risk factor for becoming an elite athlete, with examples across multiple professional sports. For example, Wade Boggs, John Daly, Andre the Giant, and yes, the Babe himself, all consumed well over what the average American drinks per week, which is about 9 drinks. By this reasoning, you could just diagnose my guys in the 108 as well above average drinkers on their way to becoming elite athletes.”

See, we are not only doing something for the betterment of White Sox twitter, but we are nourishing out elite (blogger) athlete bodies!
– BeefLoaf


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