The 5 – Remaining Free Agents

During the Saturday Soak, we discussed where the top remaining free agents would land.  Here’s a quick recap:

Mike Moustakas

Beefloaf: Cleveland Indians
MySoxSummer: Not the Chicago Cubs
Chorizy-E: Baltimore Orioles

Jake Arrieta

Beefloaf: Minnesota Twins
MySoxSummer: Colorado Rockies
Chorizy-E: Washington Nationals

Lance Lynn

Beefloaf: Oakland Athletics
MySoxSummer: Not a real person
Chorizy-E: Minnesota Twins

Alex Cobb

Beefloaf: Minnesota Twins
MySoxSummer: Who?
Chorizy-E: Philadelphia Phillies

Jonathan Lucroy

Beefloaf: Cleveland Indians
MySoxSummer: Doesn’t give a fuck
Chorizy-E: Arizona Diamondbacks

For more of the madness behind these predictions, check out the Saturday Soak on YouTube



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