Reynaldo Lopez Day is HERE!!!!

Happy Reynaldo Lopez Day!!  If you are anything like the 108ers you probably drank heavily last night (thanks Baderbrau) and are still pumped up from the Yoan Moncada show!!!  It’s your buddy BeefLoaf and I am here on this fun but foggy Friday morning to bring you the 5……….The 5 ways I’m getting ready for Reynaldo Lopez Day!
5. Get those Keith Law hate tweets ready – ALL Sox fans think Keith Law has a bias against the team, I really don’t, I think he’s just reporting what he finds out, but regardless, he’s a sensitive little jerk at times and may deserve your disdain.  Either way, he’s LOOOOONG been on the Reynaldo Lopez is a reliever tip.  This is what ALL prospect guys seem to do, if a starting pitcher isn’t 6’4″ 225, they project them all as relievers because, well, they really don’t dig any deeper to make an educated guess.  So I would suggest you line up a few choice tweets for Mr. Law when Lopez goes 7IP and has 10K.
4. Be ready to be inundated with “Duck” references – Our friends at FutureSox have spent some time talking about Lopez’ “PitchFace” and our friends at Sox at 35th have been making Duck references all morning.  Let’s face it friends, Lopez has a bit of a Duck face when he pitches and that’s fine, but let’s try to mix it up on the references and figure out a few other animals that he could be and not get stuck in the malaise of always using Duck.  Kapish?!
3. Holy fuck, I forgot, Melky Cabrera is back today!! – Our old pal Melky is back today.  I’m usually anti standing ovation for former player that is coming back to battle against our White Sox, but Melky is so much fucking fun and the 108ers love him so much that we’ll probably give at least a golf clap to his return.  Maybe Chorizy-E will even wear the Leche jersey.
2. Take off work early and start BOOZING!!! – Your buddy BeefLoaf is always for the cutting out of work early on Friday and getting a couple of cocktails in you before heading to the park (provided you can handle your liquor and that you are being safe about transportation).  Today is even better, since we have a young star from the Adam Eaton trade coming to Chicago to make his White Sox debut.  I feel it necessary that we get our buzz on early and actually make it into the ballpark on time, that’s right the 108ers are planning a 1st pitch arrival to the park.  In fact, Imma go ice the cooler down in about 5 minutes with my sidekick Bonita Steakie.
1. Have fun, but remember, the Rebuild is going to be a slow process – Tonight should be a fun time, even IF (although not FUCKING likely) Reynaldo Lopez gets shelled.  Remember to enjoy the fun times of this rebuild (like last night’s Moncada Off) and to be patient during the rough times of this rebuild (like TA’s regression).  And when all else fails, its Baseball and Bullshit, Baseball and Bullshit!
– BeefLoaf
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