’23 – ’24 #108WeightLoss Challenge – Week 6 – Former Champ MSS Keeps Winning By Losing, Wally$ Has Lost 1.8lbs Retaining Last Place AGAIN!

Welcome to the ’23-’24 edition of #108WeightLoss! This year we asked the two of the longest 108 supporters and contributors to partake in the madness. Let’s meet this year’s contestants!

If you’ve ever been to Sec 108 you’ve met Aloha Mr. Hand! Long time supporter of ours you have seen him on many podcasts and even doing short rant videos we like call 3 Minute Handy’s. He’s in it to win it.

Mr. Hand’s Week 6 Check-In –

If you’ve ever been to Sec 108 you’ve SMELLED WALLY $! HUGE supporter of ours! Loves ice cream, wearing size XL, Diet Coke and Bacardi! Agreed to do this years challenge under protest but still hit the ground while running!

Wally$’s Week 6 Check-In –

An OG #108WeightLoss participant and OG member of the 108…CHORIZY-E! He’s got the juicy double. He loves wearing Dickies pants and shorts. The most George Clooney looking mf’er in the 108…maybe this year is HIS year.

Chorizy’s Week 6 Check-In –

The CREATOR of the #108WeightLoss Challenge (always a participant, never a champion) and OG member of the 108…BEEFLOAF! You’ve seen him and his nipples EVERYWHERE! Maybe this is his year to shine…or come up short, yet again.

Loaf’s Week 6 Check-In –

The ’21-’22 CHAMPION returns for his 3rd year of #108WeightLoss! The biggest guy in the OG 108..MSS! Can he win ANOTHER title? We’ll just have to wait and see.

MSS’ Week 6 Check-In –

Week 6 Results

And there you have it! All your competitors for this year’s #108WeightLoss! If you’d like to play at home, PLEASE DO! Just upload your pics and progress on the bird app using the #108WeightLoss hashtag! Anyone participating from home is eligible for prizes all competition long! Just stay with it!

-The 108

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