108 Learning Annex – How’d they not know what a darty is?

On the 108 Festivus show Chorizy asked how many Four Loko shotguns I do in a season. I had to know, obviously, was it darty season? And I had to hold that thought cause (minus HipLoaf) NONE OF YOU KNOW WHAT A DARTY IS??

I thought this was a universal thing!? It’s part of my vocabulary! It’s a fundamental part of my drinking career! I mentioned this to our tailgate group chat and they were just as confused as I was.

Darty: day party. It’s a beautiful thing. 

You get a text from the group chat one morning that someone’s backyard is open for business and the shindig starts at 1, although everyone’s probably getting there at 2 cause when would anyone be on time. Or maybe they’re pregaming the darty, who knows! You bring a case of beer of your choosing, sometimes a bit more. Hell, grab a 30 rack! It’s gonna be a long day! Throw on a darty playlist and let the festivities begin.

Sitting on someone’s patio just drinking and hanging out is the basics of it, but there’s all sorts of things you can do. Get the grill goin for some burgers and dogs. A good bags tournament, dizzy bat, beersbee, beer pong, the infamous boom cup. Or how about just chillin at the table playing some Irish poker. Any game that involves drinking to be honest. Many shotguns to be had. Like I said, dartys is where the Four Loko shotguns started. In a word: shenanigans.


What did you at a darty today??

♬ original sound – Missy

Slippy flippy has been a fan favorite at dartys. It’s two teams racing down a slip and slide then running to a table to play flip cup. It kinda got phased out when someone popped out their shoulder. To nobody’s surprise, I injured myself ripping open my knee on a stake. I really should’ve gone to the hospital for that but I couldn’t leave the darty! I was also drunk so I couldn’t feel it. Plus I got to have more hot dogs to make up for the blood loss. It’s a memory we will never forget. Dartys make memories!

The key to a darty is they gotta be outside. Backyards are ideal. Whoever’s got a pool kinda HAS to host or at least are nagged into it. When I was at college the dartys were at frat park. Basically anywhere where there’s grass and enough room for bags.



♬ hotel r a s p u t i n service – veggibeats

What’s the difference between day drinking and a darty? Well a darty can be day drinking but day drinking isn’t always a darty. Day drinking is consuming alcohol between 11am to sundown. You can do that for multiple things! Going to a bar, tailgates, the beach. But a darty is more personal.

The key to darty is that party aspect. It’s a bit different from a narty (night party) (no one says that but I think it’s funny) the darty has just different vibes than a narty. It’s like a specific type of day drinking. So what makes it a darty is:

  1. Outside any time after 11am
  2. At someone’s residence
  3. Party activities

Refer to this graphic if you’re ever uncertain:

But a darty doesn’t have to wait until summer. you could do anything close to 50 degrees in the right attire. Grab a case, grab your speaker and enjoy the day getting hammered before 5 o’clock! Just in time for happy hour!

There’s an indescribable feeling of bliss I get when I’m at a darty. I love em so much I throw one every year for my birthday (Missypalooza presale coming soon). I think it’s the combination of good weather, good times, with good people that really make them special. So I encourage you this year to make it happen and get dartying!


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