State Of The Air Fryer Address

I have recently decided to share my appreciation for everyone’s favorite sandwich, PB&J, on my twitter feed.  Many have replied and shared their opinions on how I construct my favorite sandwich.  That’s all fine and dandy, build your sandwich however you want.  I prefer my method best.  

Throughout this journey, I have presented multiple ways to make a PB&J.  Most recently, I made this 5 star Michelin cuisine in my Ninja brand air fryer.  

This is where  I then got myself into a pickle. (No, not that type of pickle, but maybe I’ll try that on my PB&J soon!)  The replies lost all focus on the cooking methodology and the after and what an air fried PB&J could taste like when made in an air fryer.  

MSS Weighs In

It didn’t stop there either!  Later in the evening, I’m just minding my business, enjoying the comments section of the 108 podcast, when BOOM!  That stupid lawyer Sammy Davis Jr. 2000 reappears and starts bodying me yet again about my damn air fryer!

What Do I Do Now?

Throughout this process, I had several thoughts cross my mind.  “Am I really a dirty scumbag?” ”It wasn’t THAT dirty in the air fryer, it just looks bad!” “These guys and their fancy smokers and their fancy backyards are really getting to their heads!”  While none of these things are true, I need to address this situation in my defense instead of allowing myself to get bodied so hard by WST.  

I will admit whole heartedly that I did not clean my air fryer before making this sandwich.  (Duh, Luke we all saw that!)  However, do I clean it frequently? Yes!  Was I about to clean an air fryer simply because I was making a PB&J? Hell No!  Look, I was hungry and needed that sammy in my belly ASAP.  I went ahead with the cooking process due to my hunger and the fact that it was a sandwich that was only in there momentarily.  Not only that, it looked WAY WORSE than it actually is.  Air fryers take a beating through the years, especially with how much I frequent mine.  So there you have it, I was caught in a lazy, hungry moment.  But guess what?  I survived, the PB&J was delectable, and no person or portion of my living quarters was damaged.  Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to clean my favorite kitchen appliance!  


Reply to @anysosaucy Air frying your PB&J is a game changer 🥜🍓 #pbj #peanutbutter #airfryer #YasClean

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