12 Days of #108Mas: 24 Xmas Beers In 24 Days – Days 21-24

Day 21: Solemn Oath Brewing – We’re All Misfits

The artwork for this beer label was different, but still entertaining. I’m not sure what the whole misfit toys thing is all about, but apparently that’s a Christmas thing as well. This beer reminded me of Revolution’s Fistmas beer, which I don’t particularly enjoy. The title and the effort was there, but the spices on this one were too much for my liking.

Day 22: Soundgrowler Brewing – Burning Hill

Plot twist! Let’s see what happens when I start chugging beers. What the heck is a rauchbier anyways? Well, it’s not a beer brewed by former White Sox pitcher Jon Rauch, that’s for sure. The smoky flavor from this beer was awesome. Burning Hill hit with the perfect amount of spice and smokiness. I would happily have this beer at Christmas dinner with a side of prime rib.

Day 23: Lil Beaver Brewing – Grandpa Got Run Over By A Beaver

Everything about this beer was awesome. The artwork on the label, the flavor, the title. This was a home run. I enjoyed the pecan notes in this coffee stout more than anything. Major props to Lil Beaver Brewing on this one, the can art might be the best of the 24 beers, with a picture of Grandpa in his ugly Christmas sweater getting run over buy a beaver that is driving a car.

Day 24: Casa Humilde Cerveceria – Noche Buena

Casa Humilde ends the 24 Christmas beers in 24 days on a high note. Noche Buena is the perfect beer to have on Christmas Eve while enjoying tamales from you favorite restaurant or from your favorite tamale guy. The maltiness really hit the spot to warm you up around the fireplace while singing your favorite Christmas carols with you family.

This has been 24 Christmas Beers in 24 days. Thanks again to everyone for tuning in, go smash the like button on all of these videos on the 108 YouTube channel. I survived the process so maybe I’ll do it again next year!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!


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