12 Days of #108Mas: 24 Xmas Beers In 24 Days – Days 1-5

Day 1: Obscurity Brewing – You’re a Mean One

While I have heard of Obscurity Brewing, this was the first beer that I have had from them. While many have contentious views on IPA’s, I happen to enjoy them. This was a great option to bat lead off for the advent beer calendar. You’re A Mean One also wins the award for best can art for days 1-5.

Day 2: White Oak Brewing – The Little Lown

I always enjoy trying to expand my beer pallet, especially with trying beers that I haven’t liked in the past. As somebody that has not enjoyed blonde ales, I had hope that this could be the one that changes my opinion! It did not change my opinion on blonde ales.

Day 3: Art History Brewing – Caeles

This one brought on a lot of intrigue for me. A doppel dunkelweissbock isn’t something I typically keep an eye out for, but I am more than willing to give a chance. This winter warmer and the 10 percent ABV were very enjoyable on a fine Saturday evening. Additionally, Art History lived up to the name with a very well designed beer label.

Day 4: Hailstorm Brewing – Why Don’t You Go Stout About It

From one dark beer to another. Hailstorm’s winter stout was just what the doctor ordered on a Sunday after drinking a 10 percent beer that more than likely contributed to a hangover. Smooth and simple. I enjoyed the basicness of this stout as opposed to other Christmas stouts that tend to add in too many ingredients to bring out other flavors.

Day 5: Triptych Brewing – It Came Upon A Midnight Meme

I knew absolutely nothing about Triptych Brewing before seeing this beer. They are now on my radar and UnProtected Sox can no longer keep it his own little secret down in the greater Champaign area. This was the best beer from the first five days. The spruce tip notes in this beer were very noticeable, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Outstanding work, Triptcyh.


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