The 5 – Things I Miss.

While at the gym the other day I was listening to the pre-Thanksgiving Chicago Dog Walk. #108WeightLoss Participant Chief was on with our good buddy White Sox Dave. They were talking about some old stories and mentioned the daily Sirius show they used to do. It got me thinking about things I miss so I figured I’d write about my Top 5 Misses. This is the 5. Here. We. Go.

Barstool Chicago on Sirius

I’m a huge Stern fan so you know I was listing to him on my phone all the time. When Barstool joined the channels (giving my buddies in the Chicago office a daily show) I knew I’d love it. There’s something about a daily half hour show that made these boys run wild. It was mostly Dave getting ripped on for whatever recent thing he did, but every now and then you’d get other fights including an epic one between Chief and Carl that was just INSANE. I miss that show mostly cause it was straight bullshitting and tons of drama. Both things I love, so much.

Thursday Nights In College

College had a bunch of things that were really fucking dope about it, but the dopest by far was Thursday nights out at the bar. I remember Junior year, pregaming in our apt on Lucinda in DeKalb, blasting Eminem or Jawbreaker, crushing Busch Lights getting ready for Molly’s. Now it was the original Molly’s that was so small you were nut to butt with errrrrrbody. Taking hot laps looking for a hook up or someone you knew before the final notes of Don McLean’s American Pie rang out. It was the best night outta all the nights cause if you partied on Thursday you really wanted to party. Hungover Friday morning classes were worth it, the nights were that great! Plus $2 big ass beers!

Just Saying Whatever

Before you get all offended by this, that’s exactly my point! I’m not talking about using derogatory words to describe people, I am talking about just letting your true feelings fly. I wanna tell half of WST to shut the fuck up on the daily, but that’s “bad for business”. I wanna yell at people who do the same dumb thing over and over and expect different results, but that’s “insensitive”. Some of y’all need your ass chewed out and I’m sorry it isn’t being done by me. This even includes people saying shit to me! I still remember not having a full time job when I moved to AZ and talking to my mom back home about struggling to find work. She dropped a “well maybe next time you should get a job before you move”. And while she was kinda right, that was a shot right in the nuts. It worked out fine as having a real job is kinda boring and overrated, but it still hurt. Also you rarely have co-workers that will share their cocaine with you at a real job. That’s food service jobs ONLY.


In 2023 it will be 3 years since I smoked anything. No pot. No tobacco. Nada. And I’d love to say that I don’t miss it at all, but I do. The stress relief of smoking a cig outside a bar, outside the park, on my back porch is something that is hard to replace! I know I’m better off this way but here and there I’ll get a wiff of cigarette and between deeply inhaling and thinking of the olden days, I try to imagine a world that I could just smoke one and be done. But as I leaned about 767 times before, I can’t. One cigarette will end on a two pack a weekend habit and no one needs that bullshit again.

Not Having Shit To Do

I cannot remember the last time I thought to myself “Man, I ain’t got shit to do.” There have been plenty of times that I haven’t DONE shit, but I always GOT shit to do. I can be sitting around the house and that voice creeps into my head, sounding like my mom, listing off all the things I should be doing. Clean the basement. Organize something. Mow the lawn. Rake some leaves. Investigate cutting the cable. Listing stuff on Ebay. All sorts of shit that I should be doing. It’s nuts. I need this 108 thing to be more profitable so I can hire people to do some of this shit.

And there you have it, 5 things I miss. To hear more nonsense that I think about, subscribe to our YouTube channel here. BeefLoaf posts a question of the day almost every fucking day. It’s crazy, it’s insane, it’s entertaining. Also we have merch deals running till we run out of product! Click here to see all the deals!


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