A Suggestion for Luis Robert…

I’m sure all of yous are as frustrated by Luis Robert’s performance at the plate lately as I am. If you sit in the stands and over hear conversations about Robert, you’ll hear things like “he’s swinging at everything!”, “he has not plan up there”, “what is he doing!”. It’s been bad friends. The twitterverse has been even worse with yours truly even jumping in on the act.

Most of us were pining for Luis Robert MVP in the off-season and right now we are getting Luis Robert league average hacker. Since June 1, Luis has a 2% walk rate and is slugging only .386, YIKES! But while I was sitting around digging holes in the sand on a Michigan beach an idea came to me that could work for Luis. It probably won’t but sometimes even a shitty ass movie will stick in your craw with a thought that 28 years later could have some validity.

A Suggestion from the movie Maverick (no not that one)…

I’m not talking about that new redux with Tom Cruise of the 80’s hit Top Gun. No, no, I am talking about this crappy gun slinger, hustler, poker playing movie from 1994 starring Jodie Foster, James Garner and Mel Gibson. That Maverick!! It’s pretty much a throw away, mildly entertaining, but one scene stuck with me that might make sense for Luis Robert, RIGHT. DAMN. NOW.

In the middle of the movie, Mel Gibson’s character Bret Maverick barters his way into a game being hosted by Jodie Foster’s character Mrs. Annabelle Bransford, by telling the other players that he promises to “lose for an hour” in this poker game. An outrageous claim that Bret makes good on by mostly folding, by sometimes playing some terrible hands that he is sure will lose. However, he uses that time to observe the other players tendencies and tells, which allows him to crush the game after his one hour of “losing” is up. I think that’s what Luis Robert NEEDS!

Picture from ESPN.com

That’s right, I want Luis to go up to the plate with zero intentions and most of the time with zero swings and just figure out wtf these pitchers are doing to him. I want his approach to be, NOTHING. Just watch, just observe, just figure out, without any active involvement in the situation. I don’t care if he goes 0 for his next 10, I want him to start grasping the tendencies of his opponent and using those to his advantage.

He makes enough contact to be a monster power hitter, he’s just swinging at everything they want him to swing at, this has to stop. So stop swinging!! “LOSE FOR AN HOUR” in baseball time and maybe he can reap the benefits of what he learns. I’ve long considered Luis a high IQ baseball player, time to put that to work. Maybe Luis should go a little Bret Maverick on that ass.


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