The One Hitter…Expanded Rosters?

This is the one hitter, don’t forget to exhale…

As we get more information about the CBA, one thing that has not been changed yet is roster size. As of now, it will remain at 26. However, some believe that this will be circled back on:

This could make sense as there will definitely be injury concerns after a shortened spring training. This means it’s possible we’ll see a roster size more like 28. But it’s unclear for how long and how that will work with new limits on players being optioned.

However, this could be great news for the White Sox in terms of adding another starting pitcher. Whether that be Carlos Rodon or someone else, one of the main stumbling blocks was how to fit that pitcher into the 26 man roster as we discussed here. This takes care of that, even if only temporarily. Let’s say it’s only the first month or two of the season. That should be enough to see if Dallas Keuchel is bouncing back or continuing a downward trend or that Michael Kopech is handling the starting role as expected. And while we don’t want to think about it, there could be injuries.

I hope they do expand the rosters. If they do, and if the Sox use one of those spots for a pitcher, who should it be?


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