Wings & Rings – Your #108WeightLoss Home of the #CheatMeal

Howdy Y’All! As we hope you saw on we, The 108, have been involved in a weight loss challenge. Let me tell you, the boys and I have been killing it! Read the most recent blog….

Man, look at me…..

It’s been a great way for us to lose some in-season weight and get into “the best shape of our lives” before we get back into the tub. One thing that I haven’t done is giving up all all the delicious food that I eat during the season. I’ve been practicing moderation. The definition of moderation is as follows: the avoidance of excess or extremes, especially in one’s behavior or political opinions. Now, maybe you don’t know the 108, but avoiding extremes? Not likely.

So what are we doing to keep the weight off? Eating responsibly? Eating less? Eating healthy? Aside from BeefLoaf going Vegan (which has backfired, as he keep gaining weight). I don’t think our diets have changed that much.

One thing that I do is give myself a day (usually Thursday or Friday) that I can have an excessive dinner. A cheat meal. What is a cheat meal? The internet defines it as “a meal which temporarily breaks the rules of a diet”. And what’s my favorite place to have a cheat meal? Well, the 2022 Co-Sponsor of the #108Tourney, Wings & Rings of course!

Wings And Rings offers all sorts of premium food. Check out their full menu here. But IF you want the official #108WeightLoss Cheat Meals from us? Read below….

BeefLoaf Cheat Meal

Starter – Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Look kids, I know in “theory” this thing is a goddamn shareable, but not for the BeefLoaf. This is my #1 with a bullet and if we happen to be doing a 108 remote or road watch at Wings and Rings, this is 100% what my ass is ordering. I’d prolly skip the sour cream, but you don’t haz to. It’s fricken delicious.

Meal – Black and Bleu Burger

I know this is a wing shop and they make many absolutely delicious wings that hit so right if you are having a party at home or whatever. But, if I am going in to have dinner with my family, you damn right I am hitting the Black and Bleu burger (I love blue cheese). It’s terrific and their burgers as a whole are outstanding, way up there in my personal neighborhood rankings.

Drink – Next Coast IPA, particularly if it is on draft special

I probably shouldn’t mention this, because it’ll end up spoiling it for the rest of us, but Wings and Rings typically has a beer or 3 on draft special that is far too cheap and far too delicious for the voluptous pour you are going to get. I mean it. Every time I go in there I peak right for that beer special because it always has something terrific, so you can bet that if my fave Next Coast IPA is the special, I’ll be #108ing off my ass.

Chorizy Cheat Meal

Starter – Korean Shrimp

Sometimes I just get this as my meal, but if I’m going in for a true cheat meal, this is my #1 starter.

Meal – Buffalo Wings

I’ll do either regular wings or boneless, but I ain’t posting boneless when Jeff Passan is as pissed off as he currently is. I don’t got a death wish like ‘Loaf.

Drink – Goose Island IPA

This is just a nice refreshing drink when you washing down some spicy food. And I can tell you from personal experience, you can drink a whole bunch of them.

MSS Cheat Meal

Starter – Pretzel Bites with Queso.

Meal – MVP CHICKEN RINGER – Premium-cut chicken breast, house-made beer batter topped with our signature spicy mayo and pickles on a toasted brioche bun. Usually trade up to Onion Rings with a side of ranch.

Drink – Water and whatever Goose Island they have on draft.

Hungry? Why not ordering something from Wings & Rings? It just makes sense and now we’ve given you the blueprint of a great #cheatmeal.

-MSS & The Brothers

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