BREAKING! Goose Island Beer Co. AND Wings & Rings to sponsor #108Tourney!

In world where anything is possible, two sponsors have teamed up to bring you, the people, the 2022 108 Tourney!

For the 3rd year in a row Wings And Rings is sponsoring the #108Tourney. Your go-to wing joint in the Bridgeport neighborhood. Pre-game, post-game or even during the game (and away games) Wings & Rings provides the greatest food and drink. With nearly 784* flat screens, you won’t miss any of the action. PLUS Wings & Rings offers FREE PARKING on game day.

*- Estimate.

“The #108Tourney is the best thing on the planet next to our MVP Chicken Ringer Sandwich. Yes 2nd best to a premium-cut chicken breast, house-made beer batter topped with our signature spicy mayo and pickles on a toasted brioche bun, with side of natural-cut fries.”

Wings And Rings Bossman that MSS made up.
Buffalo Wings & Rings Launches New Lineup of Superior Chicken Sandwiches

In addition to being our neighbor in the park, Goose Island Beer Co. has been a HUGE supporter of all things 108. From the #SundaySoak to our #BaseballBeerBulshit LIVE! bar tour of ’21, Goose Island has brought the insanity of the 108 and #108ing to the people. This year they jumped in head first into #108Tourney.

“Our long standing rule with From The 108 is that they need to sell more than they drink. It’s been really close for the last couple years, but we’ve kept our word. So far….”

Some Goose Island Executive that MSS made up.
Goose Island Ipa Variety 12 pack 12 oz. Bottle

So get ready for what promises to be the best #108Tourney EVER! BeefLoaf has been working for over a year on the bracket. Please support our sponsors! You can even order online!


Goose Island Fulton Taproom

The 108

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