Aloha Mr. Hand on the 2022 Baseball HOF

Aloha, it’s your favorite friend with questionable character. As we enter 2022 it is time for the Baseball Hall of Fame to name the newly elected members. The announcement of who will be inducted in late July will be made on Tuesday January 25, 2022. This year may be the most interesting in recent history due to the different “types” of players that are on the ballot. I am not going to get into my official ballot, having done that on this episode of The Tainted Glove

What I want to discuss today is the utter hypocrisy of the Baseball Writers Association of America (BBWAA). On the ballot you have the holdover “steroid” guys, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Manny Ramirez, Gary Sheffield, and Sammy Sosa, as well as the 1st year candidates David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez. All these players have either been accused, and in a couple of cases (Ramirez and Rodriguez) been suspended for Performance Enhancing Drug (PED) use, as well as being caught downright cheating with a corked bat (Sammy Sosa).

Picture from the Capital Gazette website via the Chicago Tribune

Now let me be blunt. The members of the BBWAA who have voting rights, which is a member who has been, at a minimum, on a baseball beat for 10 consecutive years. The critical thing to remember is that these writers are the SAME writers who vote for the different baseball awards, including MVP and Cy Young.

This is where there is nothing but raging hypocrisy. The writers had NO ISSUES voting for these players to receive numerous awards, including a three of the six Cy Young Awards that Roger Clemens won (1997, 1998, and 2001) as well as an MVP for Sammy Sosa (1998) and four of the seven MVP awards for Barry Bonds (2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004). The hypocrisy starts here, when these players were voted these awards, it is not like there wasn’t any rumors regarding possible use of different PED’s. These writers voted these players these awards knowing full well that there was some strong smoke, let alone fire.

Why was it OK to vote for these players to win these awards when there was speculation, but it is not ok to vote for them when there is still speculation, about these same players? Further, the writers need to get off their high fucking horse and acknowledge that they are hypocrites because they have the nerve to talk about the integrity of the game yet have voted for these guys for these awards.    

I bring all of this up because this is the year that everything comes to a head. Bonds and Clemens are in their last year of eligibility. David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez are in their first. Now I am going to exclude A-Rod from this argument because he has acknowledged PED use and has also had a rocky relationship with MLB.

Picture from MLB Memes twitter account

Ortiz is what makes this interesting. David Ortiz, or as I call him, Fake Steroid Fuck, is a media darling, where Clemens and Bonds were not. Ortiz, as well as Clemens and Bonds, was named in the Mitchell Report back in the day. The commissioner’s office has gone on a media offensive to say that Ortiz was not in the report. To me, I am going to use David Ortiz’s own actions. When the story broke Ortiz held a press conference to say that he is going to sue ANYONE who is spreading this rumor. I am still waiting to hear about the first lawsuit that the fake fuck files.

Further, Ortiz was NOTHING in Minnesota and then mysteriously becomes a something in Boston? There is also a lot of smoke there, yet he is getting a pass. Why? Because I hope if Ortiz gets chosen to the hall the media hypocrites will be rightfully hammered for their raging hypocrisy. How can you choose Ortiz when he is nowhere near as accomplished as Bonds?

Remember that Bud Selig, the commissioner during the cancellation of the 1994 World Series as well as the overseer of the “steroid” era of MLB has a plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame. If HE has a plaque in their then there is no reason that Bonds and Clemens should not. The hypocrisy of this situation is on full blast, and I hope that the pretentious writers, see the video Tom Verducci created for MLB Network last year, get absolutely destroyed for the situation that they themselves have created.     

Feel free to catch me and my partner KFidds on the Tainted Glove podcast, because I am sure I will have more to say once the results are announced.

-Aloha Mr. Hand

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