Justin Fields is like which current White Sox player???

We specialize here in Baseball. Beer. Bullshit, but honestly, Chorizy and I have been Bears fans since we were little kids. In fact there was a time when watching the Bears game on a Sunday or even a Monday night was a family event. The 1985 Bears were the first team I really loved. Things have changed since, as the Bears have tumbled into despair in the post-Lovie Smith era and the White Sox have materially become my sports focus since.

Picture from the White Sox twitter account

One bright light in the most recent current regime failure of Bearsness is rookie Quarterback Justin Fields. Fields starred at Ohio State (not exactly a QB factory) and early in his Bears career his performance has been uneven at best. You can see the flashes of high end talent and the chance of a future star, but to this point, for a myriad of reasons, it hasn’t really clicked yet.

There’s a ton of internet chatter about Fields and his future on the numerous variables that may depend on. Personally, I’m a fan and being an optimist, I think he’s got a good chance to make it. But, I just had to put the question out into the Twitters that was burning a hole in my brain.

Comparisons tend to help me encapsulate my thoughts. Clarify the way I think about something, if you will. So let’s spin the wheel on a few of your thoughts and see what we think.

Andrew Vaughn

This was the first name that came to my mind as I was typing the original question into the 280 character box. There are quite a few parallels to Vaughn and Fields first seasons. Both are expected to be high end professional players. Both were inserted in less than desirable conditions for their specific talents. And Fields and Vaughn both have some noticeable flaws that they may or may not outgrow as time goes on.

However, the more I thought about it, I’m not sure I personally see Vaughn has having the upside of a Justin Fields. I expect Vaughn to be good, but to be a real killer in the MLB, without much defensive chops, you need to hit like Juan Soto or some shit. If Fields becomes fully formed, he’ll be a goddamn monster. A top 5-7 difference maker in the league.

Luis Robert

I don’t see this one so much. Robert has a Gold Glove and was 2nd in AL ROY voting in 2020, then followed up that season with a half year (injury riddled) hitting .338 / .378 / .567. He’s already a young superstar. By any statistical measure you decide to pluck (and I ain’t no football stat nerd, although I’d like to be) Fields just doesn’t stack up to Robert. Maybe their future upsides are what is similar (which is the basis of the tweet above), but current form Robert is way ahead of Fields imo.

Gavin Sheets

Initially, I thought to myself…nah, this ain’t close. But really, it kinda is, Sheets flashes some good stuff, but he’s clearly currently flawed, which is the same as Fields. The only issue is that I would really need to dream on Sheets potential upside to square these two together in my brain. Like I think a great outcome for Sheets would be a strong side platoon hitter-only type. Think Seth Smith with more power. That’d be a sweet outcome. If Justin Fields only becomes, say Ryan Fitzpatrick, we’ll all want to drink some Drano.

Don’t drink this, no matter what they say on TikTok

Michael Kopech

The more I think about it. The more I fucking love the Kopech comp. They have both flashed brilliance. It’s still unclear if either of them will attain their full form, but if they do become what we think they can become, they are real fucking difference makers for a team. Image the version of Kopech that becomes prime Thor. Yea, that’s like the Fields that becomes Russell Wilson (but less nerdy). Great call!

What say you?? Got any thoughts? Hit the thread on twitter.

Here’s to a 2022 where Michael Kopech and Justin Fields begin to fulfill their massive potentials.


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