12 Days of #108Mas: A 6 Pack of Christmas Beers

One of the many reasons I enjoy this time of year is because of the wide variety of Christmas beers that are brewed and distributed throughout the country.  Breweries everywhere continue to get creative with their holiday beers.  As I continue to endlessly peruse my local Binny’s and other local liquor stores, here is a six pack of my favorite Christmas beers of 2021 that I recommend.  

Goose Island Christmas IPA (7.5% ABV)

If there was one beer that I was going to continuously drink at my family party throughout the day, this is the one.  A new feature this year for this beer; the can art resembles  an ugly Christmas sweater that happens to look strikingly similar to the 108 ugly sweaters that you can currently buy here.  You can find Goose Island’s Christmas IPA at nearly any store that sells beer, available in 6 packs or 15 packs.    

Great Lakes Christmas Ale (7.5% ABV)  

One of the most popular Christmas beers every year, this is the perfect choice to pair with your Christmas dinner.  Great Lakes includes honey, ginger, and cinnamon for their take of this seasonal beer.  This is one of the first beers that I seek out at this time of year.  This is another beer that you can find nearly anywhere.  

Anchor Brewing Christmas Ale 2021 (7% ABV)  

One of the O.G.’s of Christmas beers.  This is the 47th year that Anchor Brewing has produced their winter warmer.  What is unique to this beer is that every single year the recipe is completely different from the previous year, with each recipe being considered top secret.  Additionally, the label is hand drawn every year with a different tree that is significant to the state of California.  I especially appreciated the beauty of this dark pour that tastes like a dark ale.  

Southern Tier 2XMAS Spiced Double Ale (8% ABV)

This is the first year that I have crossed paths with this beer and I could not leave it on the shelf at my local Binny’s.  After reading the label and the spiced ingredients in it I was immediately intrigued as it reminded me of the German spiced drink “Gluhwein”.  As it turns out, this is Southern Tier’s take on the Swedish version of Gluhwein known as “Glögg.”  Southern Tier’s spiced beer includes orange peels, ginger roots, cardamom, fig paste, and cloves. (Disclaimer: I had no clue what cardamom was before writing this blog)  Drink this beer chilled while having your favorite appetizers at your next holiday party.  

Two Brothers Brewing Peppermint Bark Porter (6.7% ABV)

What is everyone always looking for after their Christmas dinner?  Cake, cookies, and all the forms of dessert of course!  Two Brothers annually brews their porter that truly does taste like peppermint bark, but in liquid form.  Combine the popularity of porters and stouts in the winter with your aunt’s peppermint bark recipe for this phenomenal dessert beer with your family.  

Illuminated Brew Works: War On Xmas (11% ABV) 

Last but not least I can not leave off the Imperial White Stout produced by Illuminated Brew Works.  If you enjoy eggnog then you will absolutely love this extra boozy beer.  If you are like me and do not enjoy eggnog, you still will enjoy this beer!!  Included in The War On Xmas is cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla.  Typically I don’t enjoy the nutmeg flavors, however, Illuminated did an outstanding job of not overpowering the notes of the nutmeg.  You can find this one at your local Binny’s.  Enjoy one at your family brunch or as the dessert drink with your Christmas meal.  

Merry Christmas To All.  Cheers!

-Brew Hand Luke

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