Goose Island Presents: Lil’ Friday Lager (5.0% ABV)

Ladies and Gentleman, the eagle has landed!  On behalf of the 108, it is my pleasure to present to you a review of an exclusive beer named after our beloved section in collaboration with Goose Island!  

Traditionally, Goose Island has not been known for brewing lagers.  The big “in” thing with the craft beer world lately is Hazy IPA’s as well as different takes on IPA’s.  However, the brains of the 108 thought outside of the box and chose a beer that is light, smooth, and can be enjoyed by everyone.  As an added benefit, the 108 also decided to donate ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds from the beer sales to the non profit organization “My Block, My Hood, My City.”  

Lil’ Friday Lager pours very light, as expected for a lager.  Upon arriving at the Goose Island Fulton taproom, I was rather parched.  The golden, beautiful appearance of ‘Lil Friday was immediately appealing before taking a sip.  This beer has many floral notes and goes down the hatch with a very smooth, crisp, and most importantly refreshing taste.  With an ABV of just 5% this is an outstanding beer choice for anytime, anywhere.  

Here are just a few examples of scenarios that would make for the perfect setting to enjoy a ‘Lil Friday Lager:

Eating copious amounts of hot dogs at a 4th of July Party?  

Wash those cased sausages down with as many ‘Lil Fridays as you please.

Spending a day at Guaranteed Rate Field and looking for a beer that you can drink all day and still be able to dance all night?  

Lil’ Friday is just the beer for you!

Do you or a friend of yours own a boat and want to throw a party and have a beer that every single person on the boat will like and crave all day?  

‘Lil Friday is THAT beer.  

However, don’t just take my word for it.  ‘Lil Friday was in such high demand when it was at the Goose Island Fulton Street Taproom that it sold out in a mere three weeks.  The possibilities for this beer are endless and I look forward to when ‘Lil Friday Lager makes another appearance in the future!

-Brew Hand Luke

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