Ron Kittle + DeLorean = Mind Blown

Today, between my post-lunch nap and watching FBoy Island, I was looking at Facebook and I saw something that blew my mind. No, it wasn’t some crazy theory from one of those White Sox groups (kinda shocking, I know). If you don’t already you should follow Ron Kittle’s Clubhouse over on FB. Ron provides a motivational post almost everyday and he is always answering questions from us fans. A true White Sox gem.


Today was no different, Ron had spent 7 hours power-washing his driveway so he had earned his treat. And what does the 1983 AL ROY have a for a treat? Strawberry shortcake and a couple caramel apples you silly goose! Sometimes Ron has a Stella and a cigar, but I’m guessing it was a little early for that, but who knows. We drink massive amounts of Goose Island beer usually on an empty stomach well before noon, so yeah.

Now something you should know is this is all pretty standard Ron Kittle behavior, but he showed the before and after pictures of his driveway and there it was. Just sitting there, looking awesome. Goddamn majestic, something truly American. Can you see it?

May be an image of outdoors

In Ron Kittle’s driveway there is a FUCKING DELOREAN! And in all honesty, it’s blowing my mind. Now sure, it could be his buddies or maybe it’s his. Not sure how much you know about the DeLorean but they only made them for like 2 years. It’s estimated that 9k of these cars were made, so it’s pretty special. It’s also a statement piece if you ask me.

Polly Esthers, Las Vegas

Side Note – The first time I saw a DeLorean was in the “80’s room” at Polly Esthers Nite Club in Scottsdale. A bar that we used to go to when I first got to Arizona. That along with Club Rio (The infamous club ASU QB Jake “The Snake” Plummer fondled a lady on the huge dance floor) were our haunts until someone told me how lame those clubs were, so we stopped going. They barely made fun of us, which we midwest guys really appreciated. We just spent more time at Famous Sam’s smoking like chimneys and playing NTN trivia.

Famous Sam's 7129 E Golf Links Rd, Tucson, AZ 85730 -

Ron owning a DeLorean makes my brain spin. How did this car end up with Ron? What’s the story? In 1981 and 1982 Ron was in the minors. In those last two years (he bounced around from 1977 on) he hit 90 homers. Yes, NINETY. He hit 50 in Edmonton during 1982, his final year. Our guy BeefLoaf wears that Edmonton Trappers jersey from time to time, including this infamous picture…

Jamie Campbell on Twitter: "Found this in the basement today. Ron Kittle  was the must-have rookie card of 1983. #Yeg #Edmonton… "

So, on the cusp of his 1982 MLB call-up did Ron spend some cash on a DeLorean as a splurge gift to himself? Did he wanna ride back into his hometown with this stainless-steel beauty? Was he big fan of the gull-wing doors? I KINDA WANNA KNOW. Imagine how badass that would be, Ron, the guy who grew up on your block, goes out and just kills it in the minors, hits a shitload of homers and comes back to the block in this futuristic masterpiece. That woulda been #SoChoice.

Sports Contributor Archive 2019 : News Photo

OR did Ron, decide in 1983 that he NEEDED this ride to usher in all the roof shots that he would hit? We might not ever know. It’s even possible that he bought it later in life, maybe from the profits from the the unique benches he makes outta bases and bats. Did he need another 80’s relic to go with his ROY trophy? Does Ron time travel? Is Ron a huge fan of the “Back To The Future” movie franchise? Is Ron the Doc Brown and his best buddy Harold Baines the Marty McFly? Jesus, when will the questions stop?


So Ron, tell your ol’ buddy MSS, “How’d you get that DeLorean?”


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